Kids Album. Jon Samson, CoCreative Music. $18.95. Our Price $15.00

Jon Samson, founder of CoCreative Music, works with children and adults of all ages on self esteem, creativity and expression.
As a board certified music therapist and teaching artist, Jon recently completed two successful programs at the Blue Man Group’s “Blue School” in lower Manhattan, and has been running the summer music program at Packer Collegiate in Brooklyn Heights since 2006. Primarily, Jon runs a private practice at his recording studio- where kids can play music and make their own CDs!
Jon also does professional lectures at Columbia University, and performs his music at various venues such as the South Street Seaport, Galapagos Art Space, various schools, and private parties.

“He can really provide breakthroughs and I know a number of parents who will be forever grateful to him for opening up their child.
I don’t know a single child who has been in his presence who didn’t become infected by his passion for music, and the parents seem to catch the bug too!” - Chris Wink, Co- founder of Blue Man Group and the Blue School

“Samson’s CD has a musical depth unlike the vast majority of childrens music
today, making it something that parents can also enjoy”
- Susan Fox,
Founder of Park Slope Parents

“Jon’s Kids music is what every musician should aspire to - original, catchy, clever and beautifully delivered.”
- Jennifer Richardson, DUMBO Parents Organization

“My daughter Bibi LOVES your CD!! We
play it at least 4 times a day. It is her favorite way to spend an hour
(even trumps the TV sometimes which is a first!) - she jumps around to
all the songs and knows most of the words now - we have a lot of fun
with it together and I actually like it too!”- Claire Berliner,
Berliner Design

“If music is the language of the soul, then Jon Samson is fluent
in how to truly connect with children-and all of us-at an unseen
level. He goes beyond the joyful art of music-making to something deeper. He has found a way to create relationship through melody, lyrics, movement and story, weaving beauty and magic and love throughout, so that the process (and result) is healing, connecting and inspiring. This is his gift.”
Lu Hanessian, Author, Let the Baby Drive
Host, “Make Room for Baby,” Discovery Health Channel