Patchwork Planet by Kate Milford & Jonathan Lethem ($25.00 / Available exclusively at BookCourt.)


Brooklyn is in the middle of a broad and deep transformation on both the macro-scale of the demolition and rebuilding of entire neighborhoods and the micro-scale of incremental house-by-house gentrification, obscuring its past under the curtain walls of high-rises, and the sheetrock of brownstone renovation. So Kate Milford and Jonathan Lethem have together created Patchwork Planet, a portrait of the real Brooklyn—not the sepia-toned “old” Brooklyn of the Dodgers but rather the five-and-dime downtown Brooklyn of the Seventies, Eighties and Nineties rendered in Milford’s acutely detailed large format photographs of office buildings and intersections, storefronts and shoppers, accompanied by Lethem’s whimsically personal anecdotes of chance encounters with Mad Brooklynites, of lost subway lines, and, yes of great views of the Manhattan skyline.

Patchwork Planet is two Brooklynites’ idiosyncratic composite portrait of an urban landscape—unlovable yet much loved—published by Brooklyn publisher Soft Skull Press and exclusively available from BookCourt — serving books to Brooklyn and beyond since 1981.

GONZO [LIMITED EDITION] ($325.00 -10%)


AMMO Books is pleased to announce its debut title: GONZO by famed American author and journalist Hunter S. Thompson. GONZO presents a rare look into the life of Thompson, whose groundbreaking style of “gonzo” journalism made him one of the greatest writers of his generation. Now, for the first time, his photographs and archives have been collected into a visual biography worthy of his literary legacy. With a heartfelt introduction by close friend Johnny Depp, GONZO captures a man whose life was as legendary as his writing.

AMMO Books presents this impressive limited edition title, featuring hundreds of personal photographs-many taken by Thompson himself and never before published. Accompanied by writing and memorabilia, this visual history gives insight into the literary icon’s life. GONZO chronicles Thompson’s numerous adventures, including his early days as a foreign correspondent in Puerto Rico, living in Big Sur in the sixties, time on the road with the Hell’s Angels, running for Sheriff of Pitkin County in 1970, and many personal moments with friends and family throughout the years.

This one-of-a-kind book is the ultimate tribute to the Good Doctor, and a must-have for any Thompson fan. Lovingly edited and designed, and lavishly printed, this extraordinary package includes a specially designed box that contains the book and a limited edition gallery-quality photograph by Thompson. This is an exclusive offering of only three thousand individually numbered copies available worldwide, destined to become a treasured part of your personal library.




Click HERE to order a copy of ELLIS ISLAND

Little Nemo in Slumberland: So Many Splendid Sundays! ($120.00 -10%)

Last batch of the 1st edition!


Winsor McCay’s masterpiece, Little Nemo in Slumberland, as it has never
been reproduced before. A magnificent hardbound volume of Nemo’s best
Sunday pages from 1905-1910, in FULL original size. Enhance your library
with a piece of American cultural history. It’s become an instant collector’s item.

Sunday Press Books

RON MUECK ($35.00 -10%)

mueck2.jpgmueck1.jpgmueck3.jpgmueck4.jpgNow on view at THE BROOKLYN MUSEUM, the stunning and carefully crafted sculpture of Australian artist Ron Mueck have catapulted him into the first rank of the contemporary art world. This book is a record of his recent exhibition at the Fondation Cartier in Paris, for which he created an ensemble of new sculptures, two of which are of gargantuan scale.Check out this great slideshow of the folks at THE BROOKLYN MUSEUM gearing up for the exibit: CLICK HERE


The ultimate authority on the usage and meaning of English words and phrases, unparalleled in its accuracy and comprehensiveness, the Oxford English Dictionary is the supreme reference work for anyone who loves the language.
Key features:
* Integrates the material from the original OED and the Supplement into one alphabetical sequence
* Includes over 5,000 new words and meanings
* Completely redesigned and reset to enhance readability
* Replaces James Murray’s pronunciation system with the International Phonetic Alphabet
* Treats over a half-million words, illustrating definitions with over 2.4 million quotations

BOXED SETS = All -10%

El Bulli 2003-2004

$350.00 -10%

-The Complete Calvin and Hobbes-

$150.00 -10%



-The Complete Far Side 1980-1994-

$135.00 -10%


-The Complete Keller: The French Laundry Cookbook & Bouchon-

$100.00 -10%


-Hank Ketcham’s Complete Dennis the Menace 1951-1954-

$39.95 -10%


-Dante’s Divine Comedy-

$100.00 -10%


-The Grove Centenary Editions of Samuel Beckett-

$100.00 -10%


-Absolute Dark Knight-

$100.00 -10%


-Absolute Sandman-

$100.00 -10%


-The Complete Wreck (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Books 1-13)-

$150.00 -10%


-Tales of Chekhov-

$150.00 -10%

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Hardcover Fiction
  1. WHAT IS THE WHAT? Dave Eggers. McSweeney’s. $26. Our Price $20.80.
  2. AGAINST THE DAY. Thomas Pynchon. Penguin. $35. Our Price $28.
  3. EMPEROR’S CHILDREN. Claire Messud. Random House. $25. Our Price $20.
  4. VIEW FROM CASTLE ROCK. Alice Munro. Random House. $25.95. Our Price $20.76.
  5. THE ROAD. Cormac McCarthy. Random House. $24. Our Price $19.20.
  6. ABSURDISTAN. Gary Shteyngart. Random House. $24.95. Our Price $19.96.
  7. ONE GOOD TURN. Kate Atkinson. Little, Brown. $24.99. Our Price $19.99.
  8. ECHO MAKER. Richard Powers. Farrar, Straus & Giroux. $25. Our Price $20.
  9. LAY OF THE LAND. Richard Ford. Random House. $26.95. Our Price $21.56.
  10. BEST AMERICAN COMICS 2006. Harvey Pekar. Houghton Mifflin. $22. Our Price $17.60.

    Hardcover Nonfiction

  1. I LIKE YOU. Amy Sedaris. Warner. $27.99. Our Price $22.39.
  2. I FEEL BAD ABOUT MY NECK. Nora Ephron. Random House. $19.95. Our Price $15.96.
  3. AUDACITY OF HOPE. Barack Obama. Random House. $25. Our Price $20.
  4. GHOST MAP. Steven Johnson. Riverhead. $26.95. Our Price $21.56.
  5. HEAT. Bill Buford. Random House. $25.95. Our Price $20.76.
  6. ARCHITECTURE OF HAPPINESS. Alain DeBotton. Random House. $25. Our Price $20.
  7. MY LIFE IN FRANCE. Julia Child. Random House. $25.95. Our Price $20.76.
  8. MAYFLOWER. Nathaniel Philbrick. Penguin. $29.95. Our Price $23.96.
  9. GOD DELUSION. Richard Dawkins. Houghton. $27. Our Price $21.60.
  10. WORLD CHANGING. Alex Steffen. Abrams. $37.50. Our Price $30.
Paperback Fiction
  1. INHERITANCE OF LOSS. Kiran Desai. Grove. $14. Our Price $11.20.
  2. SNOW. Orhan Pamuk. Random House. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.
  3. BROOKLYN FOLLIES. Paul Auster. St. Martin’s Press. $14. Our Price $11.20.
  4. ON BEAUTY. Zadie Smith. Penguin $15. Our Price $12.
  5. HISTORY OF LOVE. Nicole Krauss. Norton. $13.95. Our Price $11.16.
  6. KAFKA ON THE SHORE. Haruki Murakami. Random House. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.
  1. VERONICA. Mary Gaitskill. Random House. $13.95. Our Price $11.16.
  2. MEMORIES OF MY MELANCHOLY WHORES. Gabriel Marquez. Random House. $11.95. Our Price $9.56.
  3. WIND UP BIRD CHRONICLE. Haruki Murakami. Random House. $15.95. Our Price $12.96.
  4. MEMORY KEEPER’S DAUGHTER. Kim Edwards. Penguin. $14. Our Price $11.20.

    Paperback Nonfiction

  1. ZAGAT NYC RESTAURANTS 2007. Zagat Survey. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.
  2. PLACES IN BETWEEN. Rory Stewart. Harcourt. $14. Our Price $11.20.
  3. IRAQ STUDY GROUP REPORT. Random House. $10.95. Our Price $8.76..
  4. FORGOTTEN NEW YORK. Kevin Walsh. HarperCollins. $19.95. Our Price $15.96.
  5. NFT BROOKLYN 2007. Not For Tourists. $9.95. Our Price $7.96.
  6. BROOKLYN BY NAME. Leonard Benardo & Jennifer Weiss. NYU Press. $17.95. Our Price $14.36.
  7. DREAMS FROM MY FATHER. Barack Obama. Random House. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.
  8. RUNNING WITH SCISSORS. Augusten Burroughs. St. Martin’s Press. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.
  9. AMERICAN PROMETHEUS. Kai Bird. Random House. $17.95. Our Price $14.36.
  1. ISTANBUL. Orhan Pamuk. Random House. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.

    Children’s Hardcover & Paperback

  1. THIS IS NEW YORK. M Sasek.. Universe. $17.95. Our Price $14.36.
  2. DON’T LET THE PIGEON DRIVE THE BUS. Mo Willems. Hyperion. $12.99. Our Price $10.39.
  3. I LIVE IN BROOKLYN. Mari Takabayashi. Houghton. $16. Our Price $12.80.
  4. DUCK & GOOSE. Tad Hills. Random House. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.
  5. DON’T LET THE PIGEON STAY UP LATE. Mo Willems. Hyperion. $12.99. Our Price $10.39.
  6. TOYS GO OUT. Emily Jenkins. Random House. $16.95. Our Price $13.56.
  7. HOW LITTLE LORI VISITED TIMES SQUARE. Amos Vogel. HarperCollins. $16.95. Our Price $13.56.
  8. THE NUTCRACKER BALLET. Deborah Hautzig. Random House. $3.99. Our Price $3.19.
  9. THE END. Lemony Snicket. HarperCollins. $12.99. Our Price $10.39.
  10. KNUFFLE BUNNY. Mo Willems. Hyperion. $15.99. Our Price $12.79.
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