BookCourt Best Sellers May 21, 2023

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Hardcover Fiction

YIDDISH POLICEMAN’S UNION. Michael Chabon. HarperCollins. $26.95. Our Price $21.56.
FALLING MAN. Don DeLillo. Simon & Schuster. $26. Our Price $20.80.
NO ONE BELONGS HERE MORE THAN YOU. Miranda July. Simon & Schuster. $23. Our Price $18.40.
MINISTRY OF SPECIAL CASES. Nathan Englander. Random House. $25. Our Price $20.
YOU DON’T LOVE ME YET. Jonathan Lethem. Doubleday.$24.95.Our Price $19.96.
VIEW FROM CASTLE ROCK. Alice Munro.Random House. $25.95.Our Price $20.76
AFTER DARK. Haruki Murakami. Random House. $22.95. Our Price $18.36.
COLLECTED STORIES OF AMY HEMPEL. Amy Hempel. Simon & Schuster. $27.50. Our Price $22.
PHILIP K. DICK: 4 NOVELS OF THE 1960s. Jonathan Lethem (editor). Library of America. $36. Our Price $28.80.
TIE: PESTHOUSE. Jim Crace. Doubleday. $24.95. Our Price $19.96.
RANT. Chuck Palahniuk. Doubleday. $24.95. Our Price $19.96.

Hardcover Nonfiction

GOD IS NOT GREAT. Christopher Hitchens. Warner. $24.99. Our Price $19.99.
ANIMAL, VEGETABLE, MIRACLE. Barbara Kingsolver. HarperCollins. $26.95. Our Price $21.56.
OMNIVORE’S DILEMMA. Michael Pollan. Penguin. $26.95. Our Price $21.56.
EINSTEIN. Walter Isaacson. Simon & Schuster. $32. Our Price $25.60.
ATOMIC BAZAAR. William Langewiesche. F S & G. $22. Our Price $17.60.
LONG WAY GONE. Ishamel Beah. F S & G. $22. Our Price $17.60.
BAMBI VS. GODZILLA. David Mamet. Random House. $22. Our Price $17.60.
THE SECRET. Rhonda Byrne. Beyond Words. $23.95. Our Price $19.16.
I FEEL BAD ABOUT MY NECK. Nora Ephron. Random House. $19.95. Our Price $15.96.

Paperback Fiction

BOOMBOX. Gabriel Cohen. Academy Chicago Press. $15.95. Our Price $12.76.
THE ROAD. Cormac McCarthy. Random House. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.
ABSURDISTAN. Gary Shteyngart. Times Books. $13.95. Our Price $11.16.
SUITE FRANCAISE. Irene Nemirovsky. Random House. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.
INHERITANCE OF LOSS. Kiran Desai. Grove Press. $14. Our Price $11.20.
EVERYMAN. Philip Roth. Random House. $13. Our Price $10.40.
GRANTA 97: Best of Young American Novelists 2. Ian Jack (editor). Granta Magazine. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.
BORKMANN’S POINT. Hakan Nesser. Random House. $12.95. Our Price $10.36.
VARIETIES OF DISTURBANCE. Lydia Davis. F S & G. $13. Our Price $10.40.
TIE: HISTORY OF LOVE. Nicole Kraus. Norton. $13.95. Our Price $11.16.
SNOW. Orhan Pamuk. Random House. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.

Paperback Nonfiction

YEAR OF MAGICAL THINKING. Joan Didion. Random House. $13.95. Our Price $11.16.
THE ANTI 9 TO 5 GUIDE. Michelle Goodman. Seal Press. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.
STUMBLING ON HAPPINESS. Daniel Gilbert. Random House. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.
EAT, PRAY, LOVE. Elizabeth Gilbert. Penguin. $15. Our Price $12.
NFT BROOKLYN 2007. Not For Tourists. Random House. $9.95. Our Price $7.96.
BLINK. Malcolm Gladwell. Little, Brown. $15.99. Our Price $12.79.
READING LIKE A WRITER. Francine Prose. HarperCollins. $13.95. Our Price $11.16.
MAYFLOWER. Nathaniel Philbrick. Penguin. $16. Our Price $12.80.
BEST & THE BRIGHTEST. David Halberstam. Fawcett. $16.95. Our Price $13.56.
ALICE, LET’S EAT. Calvin Trillin. Times Books. $12.95. Our Price $10.36.

Children’s Hardcover & Paperback

GOOD NIGHT, NEW YORK CITY (Board Book). A. Gamble. Our World of Books. $9.99. Our Price $7.96.
DUCK, DUCK, GOOSE. Tad Hills. Random House. $15.99. Our Price $12.79.
THIS IS NEW YORK. M. Sasek. Universe. $17.95. Our Price $14.36.
MY SCHOOL PLAY STICKER STORIES. Lauren Child. Candlewick. $4.99. Our Price $3.99.
DON’T LET THE PIGEON STAY UP LATE. Mo Willems. Hyperion. $12.99. Our Price $10.39.
FOREIGN EXPOSURE. Lauren Mechling & Laura Moser. Houghton Mifflin. $8.99.Our Price $7.19.
SPIFFIEST GIANT IN TOWN. Julia Donaldson. Penguin. $5.99. Our Price $4.79.
SNAIL & THE WHALE. Julia Donaldson. Penguin. $6.99.Our Price $5.59.
MIRACLE OF THE BEARS. Wolf Erlbruch. Europa. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.
HAIRS/PELITOS. Sandra Cisneros. Random House. $6.99. Our Price $5.59.

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