For those of you who attended Jay’s Author Reading Event [picture] at BookCourt in February, be sure to check-out the April 6, New York Review of Books [available in the store].

Oats writes: ” Though it is a sequil of sorts to Brightness Fails, The Good Life is McInerney’s most fully imagined novel… as it is his most ambitious and elegiac, the sentimental valentine of a middle-aged romatic, to his rapidly vanishing youth. Where Bright Lights, Big City is sharp-edged, mordantly funny, and brazenly drug-fueled. The Good Life is slow-paced, meditative and brooding, and virtually drug-free, a curiously apolitical novel set in a time of hightened political consciousness…”

Reminds me a little of Revolutionary Road. In a later day preface to RR, Richard Ford Wrote: “In 1961, “Revolutionary Road” must have seemed an especially corrosive indictment of the postwar suburban “solution,” and of the hopeful souls who followed its call out of the city in search of some acceptable balance between rough rural essentials and urban…”

Two heroes in novel predicament for sure, but where again is the road forward in a time of war -ethier then in 1961 or now after 9/11?

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