November 13, 2022

Patchwork Planet by Kate Milford & Jonathan Lethem

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RELEASE PARTY - Thurs, Dec. 7th - 8PM

Signing / Q&A

Exclusively and eternally available from BookCourt -

Patchwork Planet is two Brooklynites’ idiosyncratic composite portrait of an urban landscape—unlovable yet much loved—published by Brooklyn publisher Soft Skull Press and exclusively available from BookCourt — serving books to Brooklyn and beyond since 1981.


Brooklyn is in the middle of a broad and deep transformation on both the macro-scale of the demolition and rebuilding of entire neighborhoods and the micro-scale of incremental house-by-house gentrification, obscuring its past under the curtain walls of high-rises, and the sheetrock of brownstone renovation. So Kate Milford and Jonathan Lethem have together created Patchwork Planet, a portrait of the real Brooklyn—not the sepia-toned “old” Brooklyn of the Dodgers but rather the five-and-dime downtown Brooklyn of the Seventies, Eighties and Nineties rendered in Milford’s acutely detailed large format photographs of office buildings and intersections, storefronts and shoppers, accompanied by Lethem’s whimsically personal anecdotes of chance encounters with Mad Brooklynites, of lost subway lines, and, yes of great views of the Manhattan skyline.

$25.00 -

Exclusively and eternally available from BookCourt !

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