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Best Sellers List … 31 December 2022

BookCourt Best Sellers

December 31, 2022 20% off list price

Hardcover Fiction
  1. BRIEF WONDROUS LIFE OF OSCAR WAO. Junot Diaz. Riverhead. $24.95. Our Price $19.96.
  2. TREE OF SMOKE. Denis Johnson. Farrar, Straus & Giroux. $27. Our Price $21.60.
  3. YIDDISH POLICEMEN’S UNION. Michael Chabon. HarperCollins. $26.95. Our Price $21.56.
  4. WAR & PEACE. Leo Tolstoy (Pevear & Volokhonsky, translators). Random House. $37. Our Price $29.60.
  5. ABSTINENCE TEACHER. Tom Perrotta. St. Martin’s Press. $24.95.Our Price $19.96
  6. OUT STEALING HORSES. Per Petterson. Graywolf. $22. Our Price $17.60.
  7. THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS. Khaled Hosseini. Riverhead. $25.95. Our Price $20.76.
  8. THEN WE CAME TO THE END. Joshua Ferris. Little, Brown. $23.99. Our Price $19.19.
  9. OUR DUMB WORLD. The Onion. Little, Brown. $27.99. Our Price $22.39.
  10. UNCOMMON READER. Alan Bennett. Farrar, Straus & Giroux. $15. Our Price $12.

Hardcover Nonfiction

  1. ART OF SIMPLE FOOD. Alice Waters. Random House. $35. Our Price $28.
  2. BORN STANDING UP. Steve Martin. Simon & Schuster. $25. Our Price $20.
  3. MUSICOPHILIA. Oliver Sacks. Random House. $26. Our Price $20.80.
  4. PRINCIPLES OF UNCERTAINTY. Maira Kalman. Penguin. $29.95. Our Price $23.96.
  5. SECRET INGREDIENTS. David Remnick. Random House. $29.95. Our Price $23.96
  6. HOW TO COOK EVERYTHING VEGETARIAN. Mark Bittman. Wiley. $35.Our Price $28.
  7. NINE. Jeffrey Toobin. Doubleday. $27.95. Our Price $22.36.
  8. 1080 RECIPES. Simone Ortega. Phaidon. $39.95. Our Price $31.96.
  9. LISTENING IS AN ACT OF LOVE. Dave Isay. Penguin. $24.95. Our Price $19.96.
  10. I AM AMERICA & SO CAN YOU. Stephen Colbert. Warner. $26.99. Our Price $21.59.
Paperback Fiction
  1. THE GATHERING. Anne Enright. Grove Press. $14. Our Price $11.20.
  2. THE ROAD. Cormac McCarthy. Random House. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.
  3. WHAT IS THE WHAT? Dave Eggers. Random House. $15.95. Our Price $12.76.
  4. ATONEMENT. Ian McEwan. Doubleday. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.
  5. SUITE FRANCAISE. Irene Nemirovsky. Random House. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.
  6. NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. Cormac McCarthy. Random House. $14. Our Price $11.20.
  7. EMPEROR’S CHILDREN. Claire Messud. Random House. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.
  8. MAN GONE DOWN. Michael Thomas. Grove Press. $14. Our Price $11.20.
  9. MOTHERLESS BROOKLYN. Jonathan Lethem. Random House. $13.95. Our Price $11.16.
  10. WATER FOR ELEPHANTS. Sara Gruen. Algonquin. $13.95. Our Price $11.16.

    Paperback Nonfiction

  1. OMNIVORE’S DILEMMA. Michael Pollan. Penguin. $16. Our Price $12.80.
  2. ZAGAT BEST OF BROOKLYN. Zagat Survey. $12.95. Our Price $10.36.
  3. EAT, PRAY, LOVE. Elizabeth Gilbert. Penguin. $15. Our Price $12.
  4. COMPLETE PERSEPOLIS. Marjane Satrapi. Random House. $24.95. Our Price $19.96.
  5. DIVING BELL & THE BUTTERFLY. Jean-Dominique Bauby. Random House. $12.95. Our Price $10.36.
  6. WORKS. Kate Ascher. Penguin. $20. Our Price $16.
  7. BROOKLYN WAS MINE. Chris Knutsen & Valerie Steiker (editors). Riverhead. $15. Our Price $12.
  8. ZAGAT NEW YORK CITY RESTAURANTS 2008. Zagat Survey. $15.95. Our Price $12.
  9. BEST AMERICAN NON-REQUIRED READING 2007. Dave Eggers (editor). Houghton Mifflin. $14. Our Price $11.
  10. TRANSIT MAPS OF THE WORLD. Mark Ovenden. Penguin. $25. Our Price $20.

    Children’s Hardcover & Paperback

  1. DARING BOOK FOR GIRLS. Andrea Buchanan. HarperCollins. $24.95. Our Price $19.96.
  2. DANGEROUS BOOK FOR BOYS. Hal Iggulden. HarperCollins. $24.95. Our Price $19.96.
  3. GOLDEN COMPASS (deluxe edition). Philip Pullman. Random House. $11.95. Our Price $9.56.
  4. DIARY OF A WIMPY KID. Jeff Kinney. Abrams. $12.95.Our Price $10.36.
  5. KNUFFLE BUNNY TOO. Mo Willems. Hyperion. $16.99. Our Price $13.59.
  6. INVENTION OF HUGO CABRET. Brian Selznick. Scholastic. $22.95. Our Price $18.36.
  7. OLIVIA HELPS AT CHRISTMAS. Ian Falconer. Simon & Schuster. $18.99. Our Price $15.59.
  8. ABSOLUTELY TRUE DIARY OF A PART-TIME INDIAN. Sherman Alexie. Little, Brown. $16.99. Our Price $13.59.
  9. KNUFFLE BUNNY. Mo Willems. Hyperion. $15.99. Our Price $12.79.
  10. GOLDEN COMPASS (trade edition). Philip Pullman.Random House. $7.50. Our Price $6.

these just in … 27 December, 2007

When the Ground Turns in Its Sleep
by Sylvia Sellers-Garcia

New In Hardcover $24.95 - 10%

As Sellers-García’s rich debut opens in 1993, Nítido Amán is seeking his origins in Guatemala following his father’s death by spending a year as a teacher in the remote village of Río Roto. His father had said that the Amáns came from a place very near there, but was never specific as to the family’s home village. Upon arrival, Nítido is immediately mistaken for an arriving priest and is too tired at first to correct the man who meets his bus and settles him in the sacristry. When, the next morning, his innocent questions about the burned schoolhouse and the path to a certain village are met with evasion, stony silence and worse, Nítido begins to suspect that Río Roto hides a deep trauma. On the third morning, when he is suddenly called in to give a woman last rites, Nítido, for reasons even he doesn’t fully understand, tacitly accepts the role of priest. In a moving tale of mourning and revelation, Sellers-García puts Nítido’s secret and hidden origins on a slow-motion collision course with the secrets of the town. While the pace is slowed by Nítido’s letters to his dead father, this spare and vivid debut brings together wrenching personal and political histories.

The How of Happiness: A Scientific Approach to Getting the Life You Want
by Sonja Lyubomirsky

New In Hardcover $25.95 - 10%

Drawing on her own groundbreaking research with thousands of men and women, research psychologist and University of California professor of psychology Sonja Lyubomirsky has pioneered a detailed yet easy-to-follow plan to increase happiness in our day-to-day lives-in the short term and over the long term. The How of Happiness is a different kind of happiness book, one that offers a comprehensive guide to understanding what happiness is, and isn’t, and what can be done to bring us all closer to the happy life we envision for ourselves. Using more than a dozen uniquely formulated happiness-increasing strategies, The How of Happiness offers a new and potentially life-changing way to understand our innate potential for joy and happiness as well as our ability to sustain it in our lives.

Beginning with a short diagnostic quiz that helps readers to first quantify and then to understand what she describes as their “happiness set point,” Lyubomirsky reveals that this set point determines just 50 percent of happiness while a mere 10 percent can be attributed to differences in life circumstances or situations. This leaves a startling, and startlingly underdeveloped, 40 percent of our capacity for happiness within our power to change.

Lyubomirsky’s “happiness strategies” introduce readers to the concept of intentional activities, mindful actions that they can use to achieve a happier life. These include exercises in practicing optimism when imagining the future, instruction in how best to savor life’s pleasures in the here and now, and a thoroughgoing explanation of the importance of staying active to being happy. Helping readers find the right fit between the goals they set and the activities she suggests, Lyubomirsky also helps readers understand the many obstacles to happiness as well as how to harness individual strengths to overcome them. Always emphasizing how much of our happiness is within our control, Lyubomirsky addresses the “scientific how” of her happiness research, demystifying the many myths that unnecessarily complicate its pursuit. Unlike those of many self-help books, all her recommendations are supported by scientific research.

The How of Happiness is both a powerful contribution to the field of positive psychology and a gift to all those who have questioned their own well-being and sought to take their happiness into their own hands.

The Birthday Party: A Memoir of Survival (Paperback)
by Stanley N. Alpert

New In Paperback $15.00

In this tartly written memoir recalling his 1998 kidnapping, Alpert, a former assistant U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York, describes his abduction and release, and the subsequent trial of the kidnappers, with an impressive amount of detail and only the occasional note of self-congratulation for how he handled the ordeal. On the night before his 38th birthday, Alpert was forced at gunpoint into a car near his Greenwich Village apartment, blindfolded, made to relinquish his ATM and PIN, and driven to Brooklyn, where he was kept in an apartment full of oddly personable, gun-wielding youths and teenage prostitutes. In between violent threats, the criminals solicited legal advice concerning past crimes and offered him pot and sexual favors in honor of his birthday. After 25 hours, they handed their hostage $20 cab money and left him in Prospect Park. Though the second part of the account, detailing the mechanics of the arrests and sentencing of the perpetrators, along with Alpert’s return to normalcy, is relatively dry and slow, Alpert delivers an honest, vivid chronicle of the suspenseful event itself in the memoir’s first half.

The Book of Other People
Edited by Zadie Smith

New in Paperback $15.00

Editor and contributor Smith (On Beauty, 2005, etc.) invited 22 other authors, many of them (like her) better known for novels than short fiction, to write a story inspired by the creation of a character. “The instruction was simple,” she writes in her introduction, “make somebody up.” Yet the stories correspond to no consensus about the role of character in fiction, or a return to realism, or the responsibility of fiction to mirror society. To the contrary, what Smith believes the stories show is that “there are as many ways to create ‘character’ (or deny the possibility of ‘character’) as there are writers.” The title of each story comes from the name of a character or type (”The Monster”) with the selections sequenced alphabetically. Many of the writers, including Smith, come from the McSweeney’s and/or Believer literary circle (Dave Eggers, Vendela Vida, Heidi Julavits, Chris Ware, Nick Hornby et al.) and most of the contributions range from the short to the very short (Toby Litt’s “The Monster” is a four-page paragraph). With proceeds benefiting 826 New York (a nonprofit organization for the inspiration and development of student writing), none of the writers were paid for their work, with the results sometimes more playful (and occasionally slighter) than one has come to expect from them. Jonathan Lethem’s Dickensian titled “Perkus Tooth” offers a hilarious dismissal of rock critics. A.L. Kennedy’s “Frank” provides an existential parable about a man who isn’t who he thinks he is. Though many of the stories have a first-person perspective, the narrator is rarely the title character, and some of the challenge for the reader can be determining whom a story is really about. In Colm T~ib”n’s “Donal Webster,” the name of the title character is never even mentioned, leaving the reader to guess who is addressing whom.

Brooklyn Was Mine
Edited by Valerie Steiker & Chris Knutsen

New In Paperback $15.00

Of all the urban landscapes in America, perhaps none has so thoroughly infused and nurtured modern literature as Brooklyn. Though its literary history runs deep-Walt Whitman, Truman Capote, and Norman Mailer are just a few of its storied inhabitants-in recent years the borough has seen a growing concentration of bestselling novelists, memoirists, poets, and journalists. It has become what Greenwich Village once was for an earlier generation: a wellspring of inspiration and artistic expression.

Brooklyn Was Mine gives some of today’s best writers an opportunity to pay tribute to the borough we love in 20 original essays that draw on past and present to create a mosaic that brilliantly captures the quality and diversity of the unique, literary landscape that we call home.

Contributors include: Emily Barton, Susan Choi, Rachel Cline, Philip Dray, Jennifer Egan, Colin Harrison, Joanna Hershon, Jonathan Lethem, Dinaw Mengestu, Elizabeth Gaffney, Lara Vapnyar, Lawrence Osborne, Katie Roiphe, John Burnham Schwartz, Vijay Seshadri, Darcey Steinke, Darin Strauss, Alexandra Styron, Robert Sullivan, Michael Thomas

Diary of a Bad Year
by J. M. Coetzee

New In Hardcover $24.95

Nobelist Coetzee’s 19th book features a stand-in for himself: Señor C, a white 72-year-old South African writer living in Australia who has written Waiting for the Barbarians. C falls into a metaphysical passion for his sexy 29-year-old Filipina neighbor, Anya, and quickly plots to spend more time with her by offering her a job as his typist. C’s latest project is a series of political and philosophical essays, and Coetzee divides each page of the present novel in three: any given page features a bit of an essay (often its title and opening paragraph) at the top; C’s POV in the middle; and Anya’s voice at the bottom. C’s opinions in the essays are mostly on the left (he despises Bush, Blair & Co., and is opposed to the Iraq War) and they bore Anya, who wants something less lofty. Meanwhile, Anya’s lover, Alan—a smart, conservative 42-year-old investment consultant who’s good in the sack, and who stands for everything C despises—becomes increasingly scornful and jealous, and eventually concocts an elaborate plan to defraud C. of money. Unfortunately, Anya is little more than a trophy to be disputed, and Alan as an unscrupulous, boorish reactionary is a caricature. While C’s essays, especially the later ones inspired by Anya, hold some interest, this follow-up to Slow Year is not one of Coetzee’s major efforts.

Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity
by David Lynch

New In Paperback $12.95

Lynch blends biography, filmography, spiritual quotes and his philosophical perspective on the life-changing capabilities of transcendental meditation, all within two and a half hours. Having practiced meditation for three decades, director Lynch discusses how it has influenced his life and helped him to concentrate his energy. Listeners may catch glimpses of creativity and consciousness, but Lynch’s rants lack cohesion and substance. Within the audiobook’s short chapters, Lynch barely broaches a topic before moving onto the next, leaving listeners to question his emphasis to go “deep.” The most interesting aspects arise out of his anecdotes and comments about his films, like Eraserhead and Blue Velvet. His dry rattling voice hints at the passion behind his statements, but more often comes across as insistent and almost whiny. He reminds listeners that authors do not always make the best voices for their books. However, on the sound production end, the lightly blowing wind for the quotes from the Upanishads and Sutras adds mystical air to their reading. It’s unfortunate that neither his words nor his voice live up to that standard.

In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto
by Michael Pollan

New in Hardcover $21.95 - 10%

What to eat, what not to eat, and how to think about health: a manifesto for our times

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” These simple words go to the heart of Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food, the well-considered answers he provides to the questions posed in the bestselling The Omnivore’s Dilemma.

Humans used to know how to eat well, Pollan argues. But the balanced dietary lessons that were once passed down through generations have been confused, complicated, and distorted by food industry marketers, nutritional scientists, and journalists-all of whom have much to gain from our dietary confusion. As a result, we face today a complex culinary landscape dense with bad advice and foods that are not “real.” These “edible foodlike substances” are often packaged with labels bearing health claims that are typically false or misleading. Indeed, real food is fast disappearing from the marketplace, to be replaced by “nutrients,” and plain old eating by an obsession with nutrition that is, paradoxically, ruining our health, not to mention our meals. Michael Pollan’s sensible and decidedly counterintuitive advice is: “Don’t eat anything that your great-great grandmother would not recognize as food.”

Writing In Defense of Food, and affirming the joy of eating, Pollan suggests that if we would pay more for better, well-grown food, but buy less of it, we’ll benefit ourselves, our communities, and the environment at large. Taking a clear-eyed look at what science does and does not know about the links between diet and health, he proposes a new way to think about the question of what to eat that is informed by ecology and tradition rather than by the prevailing nutrient-by-nutrient approach.

In Defense of Food reminds us that, despite the daunting dietary landscape Americans confront in the modern supermarket, the solutions to the current omnivore’s dilemma can be found all around us.

In looking toward traditional diets the world over, as well as the foods our families-and regions-historically enjoyed, we can recover a more balanced, reasonable, and pleasurable approach to food. Michael Pollan’s bracing and eloquent manifesto shows us how we might start making thoughtful food choices that will enrich our lives and enlarge our sense of what it means to be healthy.

The Kept Man
by Jami Attenberg

New in Hardcover $24.95

Banana: The Fate of the Fruit That Changed the World
by Dan Koeppel

New In Hardcover $23.95 - 10%

To most people, a banana is a banana: a simple yellow fruit. Americans eat more bananas than apples and oranges combined. In others parts of the world, bananas are what keep millions of people alive. But for all its ubiquity, the banana is surprisingly mysterious; nobody knows how bananas evolved or exactly where they originated. Rich cultural lore surrounds the fruit: In ancient translations of the Bible, the “apple” consumed by Eve is actually a banana (it makes sense, doesn’t it?). Entire Central American nations have been said to rise and fall over the banana.

But the biggest mystery about the banana today is whether it will survive. A seedless fruit with a unique reproductive system, every banana is a genetic duplicate of the next, and therefore susceptible to the same blights. Today’s yellow banana, the Cavendish, is increasingly threatened by such a blight—and there’s no cure in sight.

Banana combines a pop-science journey around the globe, a fascinating tale of an iconic American business enterprise, and a look into the alternately tragic and hilarious banana subculture (one does exist)—ultimately taking us to the high-tech labs where new bananas are literally being built in test tubes, in a race to save the world’s most beloved fruit.
This Book Contains Graphic Language: Comics As Literature
by Rocco Versaci

New in Paperback $19.95

As comics and graphic novels are becoming more popular than ever, literary critics now will now have a new subject to add to the mix. While many advocates of the medium have maintained that comics are a true art form, there have been no sustained and detailed comparisons among comics and “legitimate” forms of literature. Filling this void, This Book Contains Graphic Language examines different literary forms and genres in relation to their comic book counterparts. These literatures include prose memoir, Holocaust memoir, journalism, film, and - for lack of a better term - the “classics”. Each chapter outlines the key issues of one of these forms and then explores how comic books have been able to reflect and expand upon those issues in unique ways. The point of each chapter - and of the book as a whole - is to demonstrate that comic books are as “literary” as those forms traditionally held in much higher regard.

Writers Under Siege: Voices of Freedom from Around the World
Edited by Lucy Popescu & Carole Seymour-Jones

To mark 85 years of work assuring that oppressed writers are heard in their home countries and around the world, the literary and human rights organization PEN presents a collection of essays from some 50 writers; their one common trait, as noted by Michael Palin in a blurb, is that “they have all been coerced into not writing.” Designed to demonstrate the major ways in which writers are silenced, shocking and sobering lessons in author suppression are broken up into sections on prison, death and exile, though the distinction seems arbitrary; the central theme of oppression weighs much more heavily on writers’ stories than the specific methods employed. It’s important, both thematically and practically, to note that PEN does not differentiate between the talents and skills of persecuted writers; as such, not every piece succeeds, and the similarity of the subject matter can make them difficult to distinguish. But grace notes abound, such as Zimbabwean poet, novelist and columnist Chenjerai Hove explaining, “every new word and metaphor I create is a little muscle in the act of pushing the dictatorship away.” As an act of commemoration, as well as a sobering reminder of a world in which writers are frequently-and all too easily-silenced, this is an exceptional anthology.

these just in … 18 December 2022

Roast Chicken And Other Stories by SIMON HOPKINSON

New In Hardcover $24.95 - 10%

This idiosyncratic though charming cookbook was first published in the U.K. in 1994 and became a runaway favorite with a second publication in 2006. Hopkinson, a founding chef of London’s Bibendum and a newspaper columnist, rejects the notion that a dinner’s merit should be judged by its number of ingredients or steps. Instead, his earthy sensibility is guided by French techniques, rich English ingredients and lots and lots of butter. Chapters are organized not by course but by Hopkinson’s favorite ingredients, such as eggplant (grilled, creamed, baked and stewed in his cayenne-spiked version of the Turkish classic Imam Bayildi); leeks (in vinaigrette, in a tart crust, vichyssoise, baked with cream and mint); and tripe (Madrid-style, Lyonnaise style, deep-fried). Each chapter begins with a bit of history and often witty personal reminiscence. He’ll chart the use of anchovies around the globe, quote fellow food writer Elizabeth David on the beauty of anchoïade and guide readers to the best canned variety in the market. The recipes themselves are designed for the intuitive cook who can gauge a dish’s doneness by its color rather than by slavish devotion to a timer. Yet Hopkinson’s recipes are true winners, inspiring confidence in the kitchen and pleasure at the table with their simple, satisfying flavors.

Mapping London: Making Sense of the City by SIMON FOXELL

New In Hardcover $59.95 - 10%

Mapping London: Making Sense of the City is a beautiful, compelling anthology of over six centuries of London maps, tracing the mesmerizing evolution of the city and exploring the hopes and fears of its inhabitants as history unfolds.

The book is a cartographic journey, charting the influence of Roman city planning, Saxon feudalism, Medieval tumult, imperial hubris, contemporary town planning and more on this great metropolis. In this comprehensive survey the maps are allowed to speak for themselves, revealing not only their political and social context, but also the dreams of their makers and the drama of their creation. Often these maps are objects of great skill and beauty and the names of the greatest of their makers are still revered today.

A lavishly illustrated hardback book, Mapping London explores the city through the ages in all its labyrinthine glory.

Sound Art: Beyond Music, Between Categories by ALAN LICHT

New In Hardcover $49.95 - 10%

Over the past century, an art form has emerged that draws from the worlds of visual art and music. Sound art’s roots can be found in the experimental work of Italian Futurism, Dada, and later the Fluxus group and the pioneering efforts of the American composer and artist John Cage. In the wake of this groundbreaking work, sound art began to mature into a movement, and artists explored the interactive possibilities of sound and in turn created entirely new modes of experiencing and engaging with art. In this volume, the complete story of sound art is told by one of the country’s leading critics and scholars. The author traces the history of this form of art–highlighting the convergence of the indie world bands such as Sonic Youth with the art world–looking at the critical cross-pollination that has led to some of the most important and challenging art being produced today, including work by Christian Marclay, LaMonte Young, Janet Cardiff, Rodney Graham, and Laurie Anderson, among many others.

Sacred Games by VIKRAM CHANDRA

New In Paperback $16.95

A policeman, a criminal overlord, a Bollywood film star, beggars, cultists, spies, and terroristsand#8212;the lives of the privileged, the famous, the wretched, and the bloodthirsty interweave with cataclysmic consequences amid the chaos of modern-day Mumbai, in this soaring, uncompromising, and unforgettable epic masterwork of literary art.

Psychogeography: Disentangling the Modern Conundrum of Psyche and Place by WILL SELF, With Illustrations by RALPH STEADMAN

New In Hardcover $34.95

This artful and entertaining collection of essays by novelist Self (The Book of Dave) will delight anyone who enjoys his weekly column of the same name in the Independent or his last collection of essays, Feeding Frenzy. Here Self shifts from gonzo journalism to the study of psychogeography, the study of how geographical environments affect emotions and behavior. Setting off on a quest for the intrinsic character of various places as well as the manner in which the contemporary world warps the relationship between psyche and place, Self casts a dismissive eye on most of the world. Singapore strikes him as Basingstoke force-fed with pituitary gland; Sao Paolo’s lack of a street plan makes it an unholy miscegenation between London and Los Angeles. But Steadman’s beautifully harsh illustrations (worthy of their own book) and Walking to New York, a previously unpublished semi-autobiographical meditation on life and death, reveal a surprising depth to Self’s cynical insights.

ISSUE # 6 - Now in Stock

The Complete Short Novels by ANTON CHEKHOV

New In Paperback $15.95

Aanton Chekhov, widely hailed as the supreme master of the short story, also wrote five works long enough to be called short novels–here brought together in one volume for the first time, in a masterly new translation by the award-winning translators Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky.

The Steppe–the most lyrical of the five–is an account of a nine-year-old boy’s frightening journey by wagon train across the steppe of southern Russia. The Duel sets two decadent figures–a fanatical rationalist and a man of literary sensibility–on a collision course that ends in a series of surprising reversals. In The Story of an Unknown Man, a political radical spying on an important official by serving as valet to his son gradually discovers that his own terminal illness has changed his long-held priorities in startling ways. Three Years recounts a complex series of ironies in the personal life of a rich but passive Moscow merchant. In My Life, a man renounces wealth and social position for a life of manual labor.

The resulting conflict between the moral simplicity of his ideals and the complex realities of human nature culminates in a brief apocalyptic vision that is unique in Chekhov’s work.
Kara Walker: After the Deluge

New In Hardcover $29.95

Since she first came to the attention of the art world nearly ten years ago, Kara Walker has become one of the most important artists of her generation. Championed by the art world for her fearless embrace of challenging subject matter, Walker has created a body of work that looks unflinchingly at racial inequality in the United States. Known for her bold images using the traditional silhouette, Walker upends the genteel, Victorian origins of the medium by graphically portraying scenes from the antebellum South to explore the politics of slavery, race, and gender. Inspired by the tragedy that beset the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina, Walker has created a volume exploring the interconnectedness of the subject of the sea, race, and poverty by juxtaposing examples of her work and historical works from the 19th century. This unique and important book capitalizes on Walker’s deftness at graphic and visceral storytelling, affording the reader a deeply intimate experience of the difficult themes the artist explores.

BookCourt Best Sellers List … 17 December 2022

BookCourt Best Sellers                                                                                                               

December 17, 2007                                         20% off list price

Hardcover Fiction
  1. WAR & PEACE. Leo Tolstoy (Pevear & Volokhonsky, translators). Random House. $37.                     Our Price $29.60.
  2. YIDDISH POLICEMEN’S UNION. Michael Chabon. HarperCollins. $26.95.                  Our Price $21.56.
  3. THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS. Khaled Hosseini. Riverhead. $25.95. Our Price $20.76.
  4. BRIEF WONDROUS LIFE OF OSCAR WAO. Junot Diaz. Riverhead. $24.95. Our Price $19.96.
  5. TREE OF SMOKE. Denis Johnson. Farrar, Straus & Giroux. $27. Our Price $21.60.
  6. OUR DUMB WORLD. The Onion. Little, Brown. $27.99. Our Price $22.39.
  7. CHRISTMAS STORIES. Diana Tesdell (editor). Random House. $15. Our Price $12.
  8. UNCOMMON READER. Alan Bennett. Farrar, Straus & Giroux. $15. Our Price $12.
  9. GRAVING DOCK. Gabriel Cohen. St. Martin’s Press. $23.95. Our Price $19.16.
  10. ABSTINENCE TEACHER. Tom Perrotta. St. Martin’s Press. $24.95. Our Price $19.96

Hardcover Nonfiction

  1. BORN STANDING UP. Steve Martin. Simon & Schuster. $25. Our Price $20.
  2. ART OF SIMPLE FOOD. Alice Waters. Random House. $35. Our Price $28.
  3. MUSICOPHILIA. Oliver Sacks. Random House. $26. Our Price $20.80.
  4. NINE. Jeffrey Toobin. Doubleday. $27.95. Our Price $22.36.
  5. HOW TO COOK EVERYTHING VEGETARIAN. Mark Bittman. Wiley. $35. Our Price $28.
  6. SECRET INGREDIENTS. David Remnick. Random House. $29.95. Our Price $23.96
  7. 10TH MUSE. Judith Jones. Random House. $24.95. Our Price $19.96.
  8. PRINCIPLES OF UNCERTAINTY. Maira Kalman. Penguin. $29.95.                        Our Price $23.96.
  9. AMERICAN CREATION. Joseph Ellis. Random House. $26.95. Our Price $21.56.
  10. 1080 RECIPES. Simone Ortega. Phaidon. $39.95. Our Price $31.96.
Paperback Fiction
  1. ATONEMENT. Ian McEwan. Doubleday. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.
  2. THE ROAD. Cormac McCarthy. Random House. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.
  3. WHAT IS THE WHAT? Dave Eggers. Random House. $15.95. Our Price $12.76.
  4. THE GATHERING. Anne Enright. Grove Press. $14. Our Price $11.20.
  5. EMPEROR’S CHILDREN. Claire Messud. Random House. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.
  6. MAN GONE DOWN. Michael Thomas. Grove Press. $14. Our Price $11.20.
  7. WATER FOR ELEPHANTS. Sara Gruen. Algonquin. $13.95. Our Price $11.16.
  8. NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. Cormac McCarthy. Random House. $14.                     Our Price $11.20.
  9. BEST AMERICAN SHORT STORIES 2007. Stephen King (editor). Houghton Mifflin. $14. Our Price $11.20.
  10. SUITE FRANCAISE. Irene Nemirovsky. Random House. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.

    Paperback Nonfiction

  1. ZAGAT NEW YORK CITY RESTAURANTS 2008. Zagat Survey. $15.95.       Our Price $12.76.
  2. WORKS. Kate Ascher. Penguin. $20. Our Price $16.
  3. NFT GUIDE TO NEW YORK CITY 2008. Not For Tourists. $15.95.                         Our Price $12.76.
  4. EAT, PRAY, LOVE. Elizabeth Gilbert. Penguin. $15. Our Price $12.
  5. ZAGAT BEST OF BROOKLYN. Zagat Survey. $12.95. Our Price $10.36.
  6. COMPLETE PERSEPOLIS. Marjane Satrapi. Random House. $24.95. Our Price $19.96.
  7. OMNIVORE’S DILEMMA. Michael Pollan. Penguin. $16. Our Price $12.80.
  8. DIVING BELL & THE BUTTERFLY. Jean-Dominique Bauby. Random House. $12.95. Our Price $10.36.
  9. IMPERIAL LIFE IN THE EMERALD CITY. Rajiv Chandrasekaran. Random House. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.
  10. BEST AMERICAN NON-REQUIRED READING 2007. Dave Eggers (editor). Houghton Mifflin. $14. Our Price $11.20.

    Children’s Hardcover & Paperback

  1. DARING BOOK FOR GIRLS. Andrea Buchanan. HarperCollins. $24.95.                          Our Price $19.96.
  2. DANGEROUS BOOK FOR BOYS. Hal Iggulden. HarperCollins. $24.95.                         Our Price $19.96.
  3. GOLDEN COMPASS (trade edition). Philip Pullman. Random House. $7.50.                  Our Price $6.
  4. GOLDEN COMPASS (deluxe edition). Philip Pullman. Random House. $11.95.         Our Price $9.56.
  5. OLIVIA HELPS WITH CHRISTMAS. Ian Falconer. Simon & Schuster. $18.99.               Our Price $15.19.
  6. ALPHABET FROM A TO Y. Steve Martin & Roz Chast. Doubleday. $17.95.                      Our Price $14.36.
  7. ABSOLUTELY TRUE DIARY OF A PART-TIME INDIAN. Sherman Alexie. Little, Brown. $16.99. Our Price $13.59.
  8. SNAIL & THE WHALE. Julia Donaldson. Penguin. $6.99. Our Price $5.59.
  9. SUBTLE KNIFE (trade edition). Philip Pullman. Random House. $7.50. Our Price $6
  10. 1ST THE EGG. Laura Seeger. Roaring Brook. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.

these just in … 12 December 2022

Cafe Life New York: An Insider’s Guide to the City’s Neighborhood Cafes by SANDY MILLER

New In Paperback $20.00     *Local Author

Discover the cafés of New York City, the neighborhood hangouts that even street-smart New Yorkers often miss. Organized according to neighborhood, this book, the newest addition to the popular Café Life series, features those cafés that anchor neighborhoods and make life in the city richer and less daunting. The highly personal and richly anecdotal text, supplemented by color photographs that beautifully evoke both the city and its cafés, portrays the magic and allure of New York’s café culture from the perspective of both café owners and patrons. Learn about New York’s neighborhoods through its cafés; learn about New York’s cafés through its neighborhoods. Each reflects and reveals the other.

Making Mountains: New York City and the Catskills by DAVID STRADLING

New In Hardcover $35.00 - 10%

For over two hundred years, the Catskill Mountains have been repeatedly and dramatically transformed by New York City. In Making Mountains, David Stradling shows the transformation of the Catskills landscape as a collaborative process, one in which local and urban hands, capital, and ideas have come together to reshape the mountains and the communities therein, with environmental, economic, and cultural consequences.

Early on, the Catskills were an important source of natural resources. Later, when New York City needed to expand its water supply, engineers helped direct the city toward the Catskills, claiming that the mountains offered the purest and most cost-effective waters. By the 1960s, New York had created a great reservoir and aqueduct system in the mountains that now supplies the city with 90 percent of its water.

The Catskills also served as a critical space in which the nation’s ideas about nature evolved. Stradling describes the great influence of writers and artists - especially the painters of the Hudson River School, whose ideal landscapes created expectations about how rural America should appear. By the mid-1800s, urban residents had turned the Catskills into an important vacation ground, and by the late 1800s, the Catskills had become one of the premiere resort regions in the nation.

In the mid-twentieth century, the older Catskill resort region was in steep decline, but the Jewish “Borscht Belt” in the southern Catskills was thriving. The automobile revitalized mountain tourism and residence, and increased the threat of suburbanization of the historic landscape. Throughout each of these significant incarnations, urban and rural residents worked in a rough collaboration, though not without conflict, to reshape the mountains and American ideas about rural landscapes and nature.

David Stradling is associate professor of history at the University of Cincinnati. His focus is the intersection of urban and environmental history. He is author of Smokestacks and Progressives: Environmentalists, Engineers, and Air Quality in America, 1881-1951 and editor of Conservation in the Progressive Era: Classic Texts.

The Ordeal of Elizabeth Marsh: A Woman in World History by LINDA COLLEY 

New In Hardcover $27.50

There were many ordeals—and adventures—in the tumultuous life of this emblematic 18th-century Englishwoman. At age 20 Marsh was captured by Barbary pirates and narrowly fended off the Moroccan sultan’s attempts to induct her into his harem. She married a British merchant, went through both luxurious high living and humiliating bankruptcy, followed him to India, where they remade themselves as colonial grandees, then suffered another bankruptcy. (A further ordeal was snagging a husband for her under-dowried daughter.) Historian Colley (Captives: Britain, Empire and the World, 1600–1850) styles Marsh a female Candide batted about by world-historical forces. Shaped by the breakdown of barriers in this age of proto-globalization (Colley speculates excitedly, but without evidence, that Marsh was of mixed racial background), her life was opened up by the rise of the British Empire and disrupted by attendant upheavals like the Seven Years War and the American Revolution. Still, in Colley’s account, she retains her own power: Marsh cannily leveraged family connections to the British naval bureaucracy to facilitate her voyaging, published a piquant memoir of Moroccan captivity and enjoyed a scandalous 18-month tour of India accompanied by a dashing, unmarried British officer. Colley makes of her story both an engaging biography and a deft, insightful social history.

The Conde Nast Traveler Book of Unforgettable Journeys: Great Writers on Great Places

New In Paperback $16.00

Travel writing maintains its seemingly endless popularity, and this volume offers a particularly transporting body of work, pairing exotic locales with writers of the highest caliber: Russell Banks writes on the Everglades, Francine Prose explores the secrets of Prague, Robert Hughes takes us on a tour of Italy, and more. From the most beautiful gardens to visit in Japan to the best free things to do in Provence, this book is as enlightening as it is entertaining. Whether off to the other side of the globe or to their favorite reading chair, wanderers of every sort will find this book truly indispensable.

Other featured writers and places include:
Nik Cohn
on Savannah
Philip Gourevitch on Tanzania
Shirley Hazzard on Capri
Pico Iyer on Iceland and Ethiopia
Nicole Krauss on Japan
Suketu Mehta on the Himalayas
Edna O’Brien on Bath
Patricia Storace on Provence and Athens
James Truman on Iran
Gregor Von Rezzori on Romania
Edmund White on Jordan
Simon Winchester on Mount Pinatubo
William Dalrymple on his pilgrimage to Santiago
John Julius Norwich on the Vatican
Jan Morris on Hawaii

Smile When You’re Lying: Confessions of a Rogue Travel Writer by CHUCK THOMPSON

New In $15.00

Travel writers lie, argues Thompson, and their editors not only know and excuse it, but demand it. As laid out in this vivid and ribald memoir by veteran travel writer Thompson—a former editor of Maxim and’s short-lived print magazine—the industry is packed to the rafters with hacks churning out the same reheated swill for thinly disguised advertorial copy in glossy magazines. Sick of leaving the most interesting material on the cutting-room floor, Thompson slashes through the clichés of the travel industry’s snake-oil salesmen with unmitigated glee. The Caribbean is a miasmic hellscape. The supposed narcoterrorist danger zone, Colombia, is a wonderful place with wonderful people (But who buys magazines to read that?). And the widely respected Lonely Planet guidebooks have ruined more travel destinations than have the tourists its writers sermonize against. If all Thompson was aiming for had been caustic observations about the industry he knows from the inside out, the book would have been an amusing but limited experience. But Thompson weaves his take on the travel racket and the damage it does into an engagingly personal narrative about his own nomadic life, tossing out raucous anecdotes about teaching ESL in a remote Japanese town or snorting cocaine with fellow staffers in the Alaska House of Representatives.
The Little Book of the Sea by LORENZ SCHROTER

New In Hardcover $15.00

A random collection of nautical trivia that will turn you into the most loved (or most hated) person on the boat! Did you know?…..That Britain s coast line is endless? That the brother of Ernest Hemingway founded a nation? How to inseminate a sea urchin? That some seamounts are named after Tolkien figures? How much foam is on the sea, right now? Why the sea is blue? How far is the horizon? Most of the time, we see only the world s surface, but there are stories behind every corner, some just funny, some very strange (there a people, who believe we are living inside the globe, not outside and science cannot prove them wrong!) and some important (how to save the world for example.) You are on holiday at the coast and you don t know how to entertain your kids? Tell them a story. In this book there are more than 200.

Amphigorey Again by EDWARD GOREY

New In Paperback $22.00

This latest collection displays in glorious abundance the offbeat characters and droll humor of Edward Gorey. Figbash is acrobatic, topiaries are tragic, hippopotami are admonitory, and galoshes are remorseful in this celebration of a unique talent that never fails to delight, amuse, and confound readers. Amphigorey Again contains previously uncollected work and two unpublished stories—”The Izzard Book,” a quirky riff on the letter Z, and “La Malle Saignante,” a bilingual homage to early French silent serial movies. Rough sketches and unfinished panels show an ironic and singular mind at work.

Think with the Senses Feel with the Mind Art in the Present Tense: La Biennale di Venezia

New In Paperback / Boxed Set $85.00

Curated by the esteemed former MOMA curator Robert Storr, the goal of the 52nd International Exhibition of Visual Arts is to define the new century-110 years after the first Biennale. This year’s exhibition is a presentation of the art and artists of developing countries viewed in combination with the art of artists from the more established cultures of the world.One hundred artists have been selected from all over the world and, for the first time in the history of the Biennale, includes artists from emerging nations such as India, Turkey and Nigeria. This two volume catalog-one dedicated to the participating countries, the other focusing on the featured artists-features invaluable essays on emerging art trends and the exhibition’s up-and-coming artists

Cheryl Dunn: Some Kind of Vocation

New In Hardcover $40 - 10%

Photographer and filmmaker Cheryl Dunn has been one of America’s foremost chroniclers of the underground scene since the mid-1990s. This first retrospective looks at the worlds of street art, graffiti and life on the creative margins from an appreciative insider’s point of view. It features documentary photographs of San Francisco artists like Barry McGee, Margaret Killgallen and Chris Johanson, with whom she shared a distinct and elusive sensibility, as well as others from Los Angeles and her home town of New York, including, like Phil Frost, Mike Mills and Ed Templeton. Also included is a rare, 60-minute film documenting the scene imported to Tokyo and focused on 13 artists in particular-including McGee, Johanson, Mills, Killgallen, Templeton, Frost, Thomas Campbell, Stephen Powers, Tommy Guerrero, Josh Lozcano, Brendon Fowler and Aaron Rose. Through candid interviews, riveting footage of art in action, and a massive demolition derby in the streets of Tokyo, the film captures these artists just before they broke through to the mainstream. It is about building things up, knocking them down and the simple enjoyment of making work with friends before the business of art takes hold. Features extra rare footage of all of the artists as well as short films about Johanson and Gonzales.


New In Hardcover $ 44.95 - 10%

…the true heart of Vietnam style, as described in the fine photos and thoughtful text, still emanates from the ancient aesthetic and traditions of the Vietnamese people. -Los Angeles Times

…lavish color images of interiors and gardens depict everything from hill tribes’ dwellings at the
Vietnam Museum of Ethnology to the French colonial Hanoi Opera House. -Library Journal

Best Seller List … 10 December 2022

BookCourt Best Sellers                                                                                                               

December 10, 2007                                         20% off list price

Hardcover Fiction
  1. THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS. Khaled Hosseini. Riverhead. $25.95.                           Our Price $20.76.
  2. YIDDISH POLICEMEN’S UNION. Michael Chabon. HarperCollins. $26.95.                  Our Price $21.56.
  3. BRIEF WONDROUS LIFE OF OSCAR WAO. Junot Diaz. Riverhead. $24.95. Our Price $19.96.
  4. TREE OF SMOKE. Denis Johnson. Farrar, Straus & Giroux. $27. Our Price $21.60.
  5. CHRISTMAS STORIES. Diana Tesdell (editor). Random House. $15. Our Price $12.
  6. UNCOMMON READER. Alan Bennett. Farrar, Straus & Giroux. $15. Our Price $12.
  7. WAR & PEACE. Leo Tolstoy (Pevear & Volokhonsky, translators). Random House. $37. Our Price $29.60.
  8. ABSTINENCE TEACHER. Tom Perrotta. St. Martin’s Press. $24.95. Our Price $19.96
  9. AWAY. Amy Bloom. Random House. $23.95. Our Price $19.16.
  10. GRAVING DOCK. Gabriel Cohen. St. Martin’s Press. $23.95. Our Price $19.16.

Hardcover Nonfiction

  1. BORN STANDING UP. Steve Martin. Simon & Schuster. $25. Our Price $20.
  2. MUSICOPHILIA. Oliver Sacks. Random House. $26. Our Price $20.80.
  3. HOW TO COOK EVERYTHING VEGETARIAN. Mark Bittman. Wiley.   $35. Our Price $28.
  4. I AM AMERICA & SO CAN YOU. Stephen Colbert. Warner. $26.99.                      Our Price $21.59.
  5. ART OF SIMPLE FOOD. Alice Waters. Random House. $35. Our Price $28.
  6. SECRET INGREDIENTS. David Remnick. Random House. $29.95. Our Price $23.96
  7. DISCOVERY OF FRANCE. Graham Robb. Norton. $27.95. Our Price $22.36.
  8. AMERICAN CREATION. Joseph Ellis. Random House. $26.95. Our Price $21.56.
  9. MASCOT. Mark Kurzem. Penguin $26.95. Our Price $21.56.
  10. 10TH MUSE. Judith Jones. Random House. $24.95. Our Price $19.96.
Paperback Fiction
  1. THE GATHERING. Anne Enright. Grove Press. $14. Our Price $11.20.
  2. WHAT IS THE WHAT? Dave Eggers. Random House. $15.95. Our Price $12.76.
  3. ATONEMENT. Ian McEwan. Doubleday. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.
  4. NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. Cormac McCarthy. Random House. $14.                           Our Price $11.20.
  5. THE ROAD. Cormac McCarthy. Random House. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.
  6. HISTORY OF LOVE. Nicole Krauss. Norton. $13.95.  Our Price $11.16.
  7. EMPEROR’S CHILDREN. Claire Messud. Random House. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.
  8. SUITE FRANCAISE. Irene Nemirovsky. Random House. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.
  9. BLIND WILLOW, SLEEPING WOMAN. Haruki Murakami. Random House. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.
  10. MAN GONE DOWN. Michael Thomas. Grove Press. $14. Our Price $11.20.

    Paperback Nonfiction

  1. THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON MUSIC. Daniel Levitan. NAL. $15. Our Price $12.
  2. ZAGAT NEW YORK CITY RESTAURANTS 2008. Zagat Survey. $15.95.                 Our Price $12.76.
  3. OMNIVORE’S DILEMMA. Michael Pollan. Penguin. $16. Our Price $12.80.
  4. ZAGAT BEST OF BROOKLYN. Zagat Survey.  $12.95. Our Price $10.36.
  5. EAT, PRAY, LOVE. Elizabeth Gilbert. Penguin. $15. Our Price $12.
  6. HOLIDAYS ON ICE. David Sedaris. Little, Brown. $8.99. Our Price $7.19.
  7. MY LIFE IN FRANCE. Julia Child. Random House. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.
  8. DIVING BELL & THE BUTTERFLY. Jean-Dominique Bauby. Random House. $12.95. Our Price $10.36.
  9. GHOST MAP. Steven Johnson. Riverhead. $15. Our Price $12.
  10. THROUGH THE CHILDREN’S GATE. Adam Gopnik. Random House. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.

    Children’s Hardcover & Paperback

  1. DARING BOOK FOR GIRLS. Andrea Buchanan. HarperCollins. $24.95.                          Our Price $19.96.
  2. GOLDEN COMPASS (deluxe edition). Philip Pullman. Random House. $11.95.                         Our Price $9.56.
  3. GOLDEN COMPASS (trade edition). Philip Pullman. Random House. $7.50.                  Our Price $6.
  4. KNUFFLE BUNNY TOO. Mo Willams. Hyperion. $16.99. Our Price $13.59.
  5. DANGEROUS BOOK FOR BOYS. Hal Iggulden. HarperCollins. $24.95.                 Our Price $19.96.
  6. KNUFFLE BUNNY. Mo Willems. Hyperion. $15.99. Our Price $12.79.
  7. SUBTLE KNIFE (trade edition). Philip Pullman. Random House. $7.50.                                Our Price $6.
  8. AMBER SPYGLASS (trade edition). Philip Pullman. Random House. $7.50.                      Our Price $6.
  9. THOMAS & THE HIDE & SEEK ANIMALS. W. Awdry. Random House. $5.99. Our Price $4.79.
  10. VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR Board Book. Eric Carle. Putnam. $10.95.              Our Price $8.79.

these just in … 8 December 2022

The Qur’an with Annotated Interpretation in Modern English

New In Paperback $24.95

A timely addition to literature on the holy book of Islam, this translation provides extensive explanations and interpretations on most verses. The use of modern English throughout the translation, combined with the focus on social and historical aspects of Islam in the commentaries, make this edition particularly accessible. Thirteen maps and several special glossaries are also included.

BlackBook Guide to New York 2008

New In Paperback  $10.95

Hundreds of succinct listings for a city’s hippest restaurants, bars, clubs, and hotels fill this sleek guide for nightlife connoisseurs. Written by and for discerning city savants, this offshoot of BlackBook magazine’s Little BlackBook offers smart, fresh, and pithy listings for the most intriguing and fashion-forward hot spots. Each easily totable guide contains the latest information and numerous two-tone city maps ensure that glamour never has to pause for bad directions.

A Killer Life: How an Independent Film Producer Survives Deals and Disasters in Hollywood and Beyond by CHRISTINE VACHON

New In Paperback $16.95

nterested in the travails of big-time creative movie producers? Check out Vachon’s entertainingly brooding story, that of a producer of such edgy yet profitable films as Boys Don’t Cry and Far from Heaven. More than the grandiose Robert Evans (Urban Cowboy, Chinatown-but also The Cotton Club), who memorably chronicled his career in autobio The Kid Stays in the Picture (1994), Vachon tightrope-walks between making engaging movies and turning a profit, which nowadays means earning enough to ensure further opportunities to film stories different from the current mainstream fare of feelings-heavy weepers and gratuitous-explosion capers. Despite Vachon’s proven track record, bottom-line considerations are never far from her consciousness, and the ingenious ways in which she deals with that situation provide much fodder for ironic reflection and pointed exposition. Her tale of professional ups and downs engagingly describes the Hollywood firmament that lies between the heady realm of big-timers like Evans and the hand-to-mouth existence of ground-level filmmakers like Lloyd Kaufman of Toxic Avenger fame. A fine, informative, entertaining addition to -inside-Hollywood literature.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Run: True Tales of a Botswana Safari Guide by PETER ALLISON

New In Paperback $16.95

At age 19, Australian-born Allison headed to Africa for challenge and adventure, planning to stay no more than a year; having found work as a safari guide, he’s still there some 13 years later. In this fun, fearless memoir, Allison shares his experiences taking “guests” through the African wilderness, trips that often don’t go quite as planned-due especially to the unpredictability of the animals around them. Allison is a skilled, funny and vibrant storyteller, dishing arcane bits of wisdom like an expatriate Alligator Hunter: “I understand a little bit of monkey language, and ‘kwe’ is a sound I listened for. It was an alarm… full blown monkey conniptions were reserved for leopards.” A hilarious chapter recounting a troubled thousand mile trek through the Kalahari Desert finds Allison trying to wave down a passing truck in the middle of the night: “I realized that the driver would have seen what looked like a very animated sage bush with pasty white hands growing from it… he’d probably go straight to a witch doctor… and ask if there was a curse on him.” Along the way, Allison examines his fellow guides, the struggle with exhaustion, getting lost and the temptation to make frequently visiting animals into pets, as well as some poignant asides on love and death.

Touchstone Anthology of Contemporary Creative Nonfiction: Work from 1970 to the Present Edited by LEX WILLIFORD & MICHAEL MARTONE

New In Paperback $20.00

From memoir to journalism, personal essays to cultural criticism - this unique, indispensable anthology brings together fifty unforgettable works from all genres of creative nonfiction.

Selected by five hundred writers, English professors, and creative writing teachers from across the country, this collection includes only the most highly regarded nonfiction work published since 1970.

Jo Ann Beard - Wendell Berry - Eula Biss - Mary Clearman Blew - Charles Bowden - Janet Burroway - Kelly Grey Carlisle - Anne Carson - Bernard Cooper - Michael W. Cox - Annie Dillard - Mark Doty - Brian Doyle - Tony Earley - Anthony Farrington - Harrison Candelaria Fletcher - Diane Glancy - Lucy Grealy - William Harrison - Robin Hemley - Adam Hochschild - Jamaica Kincaid á Barbara Kingsolver - Ted Kooser - Sara Levine - E. J. Levy - Phillip Lopate - Barry Lopez - Thomas Lynch - Lee Martin - Rebecca McCLanahan - Erin McGraw - John McPhee - Brenda Miller - Dinty W. Moore - Kathleen Norris - Naomi Shihab Nye - Lia Purpura - Richard Rhodes - Bill Roorbach - David Sedaris - Richard Selzer - Sue William Silverman - Floyd Skloot - Lauren Slater - Cheryl Strayed - Amy Tan - Ryan Van Meter - David Foster Wallace - Joy Williams

Transit Maps of the World by MARK OVENDEN

New In Paperback $25.00

Transit Maps of the World is the first and only comprehensive collection of historic and current maps of every rapid-transit system on earth. Using glorious, colorful graphics, Mark Ovenden traces the history of mass transit-including rare and historic maps, diagrams, and photographs, some available for the first time since their original publication. Transit Maps is the graphic designer’s new bible, the transport enthusiast’s dream collection, and a coffee-table essential for everyone who’s ever traveled in a city.

1,001 Foods To Die For 

New In Hardcover $39.95 - 10%

Every epicure seeks the very best-of-the-best foods the world has to offer, from extra-virgin olive oil and artisanal cheeses to rich, dark chocolate. 1,001 Foods To Die For is an essential list for food lovers, featuring luscious photographs and descriptions of must-eat foods from soup to nuts and from all over the world. This food bible includes everything from simple classics like foie gras and aged aceto balsamico to more exotic fare such as blowfish sushi or gratin Dauphinois. The book’s contributors include more than eighty renowned culinary professionals-chefs, writers, critics, and historians-who share their expert opinions on the delicious dishes and cuisines that must be experienced at least once in a lifetime. With lots of informational sidebars, and recipes for some of the featured dishes, 1,001 Foods To Die For is the ultimate culinary catalog for foodies everywhere.

India Contemporary by HENRY WILSON

New In Hardcover $40.00 - 10%

A dramatic resurgence is under way in India as the country flourishes its exciting hybrid style, informed by the past yet transcending it. “New Indian chic” is everywhere, from cuisine to fashion to film, yoga to ayurveda, and this book explores the worldwide upsurge of interest through a wonderful array of contemporary Indian interiors.

India today is much more than the exotic East of traditional crafts. The book takes us into the private homes of those at the forefront of the new approach to decoration and design. Here are interiors by Indians for Indians, by Indians for foreigners, by foreigners for foreigners, and by foreigners for Indians—radically modern, allusively traditional, distinctively stylish. 200+ color photographs and illustrations.

gift ideas … The OED!

Shorter Oxford English Dictionary: Sixth Edition

$175.00 - 10%

Here is a new edition of the acclaimed Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, the first since 2002, updated, enlarged, and enlivened by new words, new definitions of old words, new illustrative quotations.

If the 20-volume Oxford English Dictionary is the mother of all dictionaries, the Shorter is its most accomplished offspring. At one-tenth the size of OED-and a fraction of the price-the Shorter offers one-third the content and the same quality of lexical excellence of its parent dictionary.

Indeed, no other dictionary, apart from the OED itself, comes close to the Shorter’s range and depth, offering over 500,000 definitions that cover virtually every word or phrase in use in English-worldwide-since 1700. Each entry offers everything you would expect from a leading unabridged dictionary: it identifies each word’s various meanings, origins, part of speech, pronunciation, and combinations in which the word is often found, as well as cross-references to related words. The Shorter, however, offers something that no competitor can match: the historical, literary approach made justly famous by the OED. Thousand upon thousands of changing meanings are followed throughout history, illustrated by 85,000 quotations from 7,000 authors.

And now, with 2,500 new words and 500 new quotations, the Shorter is fresher than ever, fully responsive to ever-changing English language.

The Shorter Oxford Dictionary has opened its pages to the thousands of new words which have come into use since the previous edition and which have expanded the precision and expressive power of English. Here are such new words as Afrobeat, carbon-neutral, darknet, heaviosity, impactful, knuckle-dragger, nanomaterial, retro-futurist, smoosh, testosteronic, webinar, and thousands more. (To call someone a testosteronic, retro-futurist knuckle-dragger is no longer an incomprehensible insult).


The Oxford English Dictionary (20 Vol. Set)

Hardcover, 20 Volume Set $999.00 - 10%

The Oxford English Dictionary has long been considered the ultimate reference work in English lexicography. Compiled by the legendary editor James Murray and a staff of brilliant philologists and lexicographers (not to mention one homicidal maniac), the OED was originally conceived in 1857 as a four-volume set, but by the time the last volume was published in 1928, it had swelled to 10 volumes containing over 400,000 entries. In the years since, the staff of the OED has continued to keep pace with our ever-evolving language, and today the dictionary weighs in at a whopping 20 volumes. The great joy of this dictionary lies in its extensive cross-references and word etymologies, which can run a full page or more. These features not only make the OED the most comprehensive and authoritative dictionary of the English language, but a delight to browse.

*Free Local Deivery

these just in … 6 December 2022

The Best Buddhist Writing 2007


New In Paperback $16.95

Containing writings that are variously wise, witty, heartfelt, and profound, this is the fourth volume in an annual series that brings together the year’s most notable literature inspired by Buddhist philosophy and practice. Selected by the editors of the Shambhala Sun, North America’s leading Buddhist-inspired magazine, the pieces in this anthology offer an entertaining mix of writing styles and reflect on a wide range of issues from a Buddhist point of view. The collection includes writings by the Dalai Lama, Matthieu Ricard, Dzongsar Khyentse, Diana Mukpo, Thich Nhat Hanh, Charles Johnson, Susan Piver, bell hooks, John Tarrant, Natalie Goldberg, Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso, Thinley Norbu, Karen Maezen Miller, Pema Chodron, and Norman Fischer, among others.

The A-Z of Modern Architecture

New In Hardcover $250.00 - 10%

The incredible, indispensable TASCHEN encyclopedia of architecture Unlike most architecture encyclopedias, which tend to concentrate more on buildings and floor plans than their designers, this tome puts the architects in the spotlight, profiling individuals so that readers can get a clear overview of their bodies of work. Each architect’s entry features a portrait, quote, and short biography as well as a description of important works, historical context, and general approach; illustrations include numerous drawings, photographs, and floor plans. The book’s A to Z entries cover not only architects but also groups, movements, and styles from the 18th to the 21st centuries. With 600 entries, 5200 illustrations, and a glossary of architectural terms, The A to Z of Modern Architecture is a comprehensive resource that no architecture profession, fan, or student should be without.

Shorter Oxford English Dictionary: Sixth Edition

New In Hardcover $175.00 - 10%

“Bollywood, gangsta, big hair and D’oh (a la Homer Simpson) are among the 3,000 new words in this latest edition of the renowned dictionary. The two-volume set offers over 33% of the complete Oxford English Dictionary, with over a half million definitions, the same emphasis on etymology and the evolving usage of a word through history.” Publishers Weekly

Isms and Ologies: All the Movements, Ideologies and Doctrines That Have Shaped Our World


New In Paperback $14.95

Have you ever wondered about the difference between Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism and which influenced the other? Do you know where Post-modernism stops and Post-structuralism begins? Would you like to?From Platonism to New Historicism, humankind is constantly coming up with fresh schools of thought to help explain (or at least describe) the mysterious world around us. Here is the ultimate guide to over 450 of the most significant intellectual terms, movements, and religions that help shape the society we live in. Simply, concisely, and with personality, ‘Isms and ‘Ologies clarifies buzz terms like jihad, often defined as “holy war” but which literally means “striving” ;and illustrates the differences between Conservatism, Paleoconservatism, and Neoconservatism. It explains String Theory (which attempts to unify Quantum Mechanics and Einsteinian Relativity); describes Fauvism (an artistic movement that paved the way for Expressionism and Cubism); defines Locofocoism (an American political ideology named after a “self-lighting cigar)”; and identifies and explores so much more. Helpfully divided into categories–including politics, history, philosophy and the arts, economics, religion, science, and medicine–cross referenced, and thoroughly indexed, ‘Isms and ‘Ologies is a must have for the budding intellectual in everyone.
Open Me


New In Paperback $13.00

A debut novel about a young girl at the center of the secret world of professional mourners, where women are trained extensively and paid handsomely to attend the funerals of strangers.

Mem is a wailer, a professional mourner hired to cry at funerals. One of the few remaining American girls in this secret, illegal profession, Mem hails from a long line of mourners, including her mother, a legendary master wailer hired for the most important funerals in her hometown of Philadelphia.

Though Mem is to eventually become a renowned wailer herself, she at first struggles with her calling. She is a girl who cannot make herself cry, and though her mother loves her fiercely, she must use ancient, emotionally abusive, cultlike rituals to train Mem to weep. When Mem emerges as the greatest wailer that the profession has ever seen, her infamy brings with it unwanted attention, especially from the authorities.

Interweaving poetic prose and artifacts spanning six thousand years and seven continents, Open Me is an utterly original novel about mothers and daughters, dark underworlds, and the play between fact and fiction.

Do Me: Sex Tales from Tin House


New In Paperback $18.95

Do Me proves that smart and sexy aren’t mutually exclusive terms. This scintillating collection gathers the hottest, funniest, and most richly imagined explorations of sex by some the finest contemporary writers in the history of the award-winning literary journal Tin House — Denis Johnson, Miranda July, Steve Almond, Francine Prose, Elissa Schappell, and others — who explore sex from all angles: first moves, break-ups, blind gay cruises, furry conventions, married sex, bad sex, and more. The pieces include personal essays, travel writing, and short stories that range from the realist tradition to narratives thoroughly unbound by convention. In bold, vibrant prose, the writers find what’s funny in sex, what’s eccentric, and what is so conventional that it’s erotic in its own right. This engaging, indispensable collection is manna for any reader demanding food for the brain as well as the libido.

these just in … 4 December 2022

The Terror


New In Paperback $14.99

Dan Simmons writes with the salty grace and precision of Patrick O’Brian. But in piling supernatural nightmare upon historical nightmare, layering mystery upon mystery, he has produced a turbocharged vision of popular doom. -Men’s Journal

Greeted with excited critical praise, this extraordinary novel-inspired by the true story of two ice ships that disappeared in the Arctic Circle during an 1845 expedition-swells with the heart-stopping suspense and heroic adventure that have won Dan Simmons praise as a writer who not only makes big promises but keeps them (Seattle Post-Intelligencer). THE TERROR chills readers to the core.



New In Hardcover $65.00 - 10%

Unprecedented in its approach, the number and diversity of the species presented, and the quality of the photographs, Evolutionisthebook on how we came to be what we are. Spectacular, mysterious, elegant, or grotesque, the skeletons of the vertebrates that inhabit the earth today carry within them the imprint of an evolutionary process that has lasted several billion years. This book is the result of a dual approach, scientific as well as aesthetic, rigorous yet accessible. Each chapter is made up of a short text that illuminates one theme of the evolutionary process-repetition, adaptation, polymorphism, sexual selection-and a series of exquisitely composed photographs of skeletons against a black background. Approximately three hundred photographs of whole skeletons or details have been made possible by the French National Museum of Natural History. The reader learns, by experiencing each text and photograph together, how the structure of every creature has been shaped by its environmental and genetic inheritance.

1080 Recipes


New In Hardcover $39.95

“Spain’s bestselling cookbook for more than 30 years, this unpretentious and exhaustive collection is a welcome addition to the growing number of books on Spanish cuisine. With a prologue from Michelin-star Spanish chef Ferran Adri, this mother-daughter team offers a wealth of recipes that reveal the diversity and breadth of Spain’s long culinary tradition. Clear and precise instructions — many no more than a few sentences long and none more than a lengthy paragraph — allow for quick, low-fuss preparation. Chapters cover everything from fried dishes, stews and sauces to pulses (dried beans), fish and seafood, and game. Dishes range from the simple — Asparagus clairs and Chunky Gazpacho to the slightly more time-consuming Marinated Swiss Chard and Leg of Veal with Pineapple. A particularly robust chapter on vegetables makes this cookbook an excellent choice for those looking to eat more healthfully or seasonally. Highly recommended for anyone interested in Spanish cuisine, this hearty collection is sure to be a favorite of both the home and the serious cook. Mariscal’s beautiful illustrations fill the book.” Publishers Weekly (Copyright Reed Business Information, Inc.)

these just in … 3 December 2022

The Beautiful Cigar Girl: Mary Rogers, Edgar Allan Poe, and the Invention of Murder


New In Paperback $15.00

The author of Edgar winner “Teller of Tales” recounts the story of Manhattan tobacco store clerk Mary Rogers, whose murder in 1841 fueled a public outcry. Edgar Allan Poe began a fictional magazine serial featuring his famous detective Dupin speculating on the murder of the working-class girl, thus beginning the modern detective story.

The Complete Persepolis


New In Paperback $24.95

PERSEPOLIS is the story of Satrapi’s unforgettable childhood and coming of age within a large and loving family in Tehran during the Islamic Revolution; of the contradictions between private life and public life in a country plagued by political upheaval; of her high school years in Vienna facing the trails of adolescence far from her family; of her homecoming — both sweet and terrible; and, finally, of her self-imposed exile from her beloved homeland. It is the chronicle of a girlhood and adolescence at once outrageous and familiar, a young life entwined with the history of her country yet filled with the universal trials and joys of growing up.

Soul: And Other Stories


New In Paperback $15.95

The Russian Andrey Platonov is increasingly recognized as one of the greatest of twentieth-century writers of fiction, and Soul offers a selection of his finest stories together with a prizewinning new translation of the title novella, here presented in a new edition that restores passages that were censored in the past. The stories gathered in Soul show Platonov at his tenderest, warmest and subtlest. A repeated theme is the tension between everyday life and utopian ideals. The hero of “ The River Potudan” is for a long time unable to make love to his wife, apparently because of fear of hurting her. “ Among Animals and Plants” is about the dissatisfied family of a railway worker in Soviet Karelia: the radio, and the splendor of the passing express trains, lead them to believe that utopia already exists in Stalin’ s Soviet Union– everywhere except in their own remote hamlet. “ The Return, ” chosen by Penelope Fitzgerald in the Moscow Times as one of her “ three great works of Russian literature of the millennium, ” is about a Soviet officer’ s difficult return to family life at the end of the Second World War. Should he start a new life with a young woman he met on the journey or accept an imperfect life with his damaged family? Nazar, the hero of the novella Soul, returns to the deserts of Central Asia to rescue his nation of outcasts and misfits from their mosquito-ridden hell near the Aral Sea. An epic hero in the mould of Moses, Prometheus and Christ, Nazar is also a very ordinary human being. He finds it hard to accept that his people have their own ideas about whatconstitutes happiness, and still harder to accept his own ordinary weaknesses. The poet George Szirtes has written of this novella, “ The yearning is so intense it glows through the language. Maybe that glow is what we think of as soul.”

A Life in Secrets: Vera Atkins and the Missing Agents of WWII


New In Paperback $16.00

Once rumored to have been the inspiration for Ian Fleming’s Miss Moneypenny, Vera Atkins climbed her way to the top in the Special Operations Executive, or SOE: Britain’s secret service created to help build up, organize, and arm the resistance in the Nazi-occupied countries. Throughout the war, Atkins recruited, trained, and mentored the agents for the SOE’s French Section, which sent more than four hundred young men and women into occupied France-at least one hundred of whom never returned and were reported Missing Presumed Dead after the war. Twelve of these were women and among Atkins’s most cherished spies. When the war ended in 1945, she made it her personal mission to find out what happened to them and the other agents lost behind enemy lines, tracing rigorously their horrific final journeys. But as the woman who carried out this astonishing search appeared quintessentially English, Atkins was nothing of the sort. As we follow her through the devastation of postwar Germany, we learn Atkins herself covered her life in mystery so that even her closest family knew almost nothing of her past.

In A Life in Secrets Sarah Helm has stripped away Vera Atkins’s many veils. Drawing on recently released sixty-year-old government files and her unprecedented access to the private papers of the Atkins family, Helm vividly reconstructs a complex and extraordinary life.

Subversion: The Definitive History of Underground Cinema


New In Paperback $26.00

Subversion: The Definitive History of Underground Cinema is the indispensable history of underground cinema, an untold story that includes the British independent and French avant-garde cinemas of the 1920s, the counterculture film movements of the 1960s, the microcinema resurgence of the 1990s, and beyond. Dispensing with simplistic “art versus commerce” discourses, Subversion not only discovers the cultural roots of underground filmmaking in bohemian cabarets of nineteenth-century Paris and the fairbooths of medieval London, but situates the underground as a radical and popular subculture separate from mainstream cinema and avant-garde film.

Granta 99: What Happened Next

New In Paperback $14.95

The Early Years: The Lyrics of Tom Waits


New In Hardcover $26.95 - 10%

Known for his growling vocals and for the distinct poetry of his lyrics, Tom Waits has amassed over the course of three decades a devoted cult following. The Early Years collects the lyrics—formative and classic—from the first ten albums of this true bard of hard living. A celebration of both his words and of the artist himself, this lyrical biography charts the course from Wait’s emotional debut album, Closing Time (1977), to the experimental stirrings in Heartattack and Vine (1991) and One from the Heart (1992). Here the words achieve a new potency, adding further dimension to this singularly gifted artist.

Zagat Best of Brooklyn

New In Paperback $12.95 - 20% (BookCourt Best Seller Discount)

The ultimate guide for Brooklynites and frequent borough-goers! Best of Brooklyn is all-new and includes area restaurants, nightlife, shopping, entertaining resources and attractions. Based on the opinions of thousands of local consumers, this guide includes Zagat ratings and reviews to over 700 establishments in Brooklyn. Plus, all-new features including: New cover design Reusable stick-on bookmarks Neighborhood maps Interior color for easier reading.

A Secular Age


New In Hardcover $39.95 - 10%

What does it mean to say that we live in a secular age? Almost everyone would agree that we-in the West, at least-largely do. And clearly the place of religion in our societies has changed profoundly in the last few centuries. In what will be a defining book for our time, Charles Taylor takes up the question of what these changes mean-of what, precisely, happens when a society in which it is virtually impossible not to believe in God becomes one in which faith, even for the staunchest believer, is only one human possibility among others.

Taylor, long one of our most insightful thinkers on such questions, offers a historical perspective. He examines the development in “Western Christendom” of those aspects of modernity which we call secular. What he describes is in fact not a single, continuous transformation, but a series of new departures, in which earlier forms of religious life have been dissolved or destabilized and new ones have been created. As we see here, today’s secular world is characterized not by an absence of religion-although in some societies religious belief and practice have markedly declined-but rather by the continuing multiplication of new options, religious, spiritual, and anti-religious, which individuals and groups seize on in order to make sense of their lives and give shape to their spiritual aspirations.

What this means for the world-including the new forms of collective religious life it encourages, with their tendency to a mass mobilization that breeds violence-is what Charles Taylor grapples with, in a book as timely as it is timeless.

In Praise of Flattery


New In Paperback $14.95

Where would we be without flattery? Hobbes deemed it an honorable duty and Meredith called it the “finest of the arts.” Alexander the Great applied it as imperial policy; Caesar and Cleopatra were masters of it; and Napoleon devoured it like candy. But flattery also has influential enemies. Cicero called flattery “the handmaid of vice” and Tacitus compared it to poison.
In a work as erudite as it is entertaining, Willis Goth Regier looks into flattery as an element as flammable (and as taken for granted) as oxygen. Giving flattery light, attention, and care, Regier treats readers to hundreds of historical examples drawn from the highest social circles in politics, romance, and religion, from the courts of Byzantium and China to Paris, Rome, and Washington, DC.
Because flattery must please, it is playful and creative, and Regier’s book makes the most of it, moving with light steps, now and then pausing to take in the view. Ambitious flatterers even seek to flatter God, a practice Regier treats with trepidation. This is a book for those who would understand the history, tactics, and pleasures of flattery, not least the thrill of danger.
Composing for the Films (Continuum Impacts)
New In Paperback $19.95
This classic account of the nature of film music aesthetics was first published in 1947. Its value comes from a unique combination of talents and experience enjoyed by the book’s authors. Eisler’s time in Hollywood gave him a particular insight into the technical questions that arise for composers when music is used in the production of films, while Adorno was able to contribute on wide aesthetic and sociological matters, as well as music specific questions. Above all, Eisler and Adorno envisaged Composing for the Films as a contribution to the study of modern, industrialized culture, and so it was. So much so that sixty years later it remains a relevant, useful text, with an important place in the cannon of cultural studies.

Memoirs of an Anti-Semite
New In Paperback $15.95
When the New Yorker published Gregor von Rezzori’ s long autobiographical story “ Troth” in 1969, it created a sensation. Never before had a non-Jewish author written so directly about the strange dance of friendship, love, and mutual repulsion between Eastern European gentiles and Jews. But the five interconnected autobiographical stories collected in Memoirs of an Anti-Semite are more than just an exploration of this fatal encounter. Together they trace the sentimental education of a restless, complex, and contradictory man from youth to late middle-age. In “ Skushno, ” the adolescent Gregor is disgraced, having been dismissed from boarding school, and exacts revenge on the Jewish boy who is a rival for his aunt’ s affection. “ Youth” finds him on the run from his family, supporting himself as a window-dresser, and enmeshed in an unhappy affair with a “ black widow.” Vienna in the years leading up to the Anchluss is the setting for “ Troth.” And in “ Pravda, ” the final story, an older Gregor wanders the streets of Rome and reckons with his life.These stories provide a panoramic yet intimate view of the deterioration of the European aristocracy in the tumultuous years preceding the Second World War, and the difficult decades that followed.

The Fires
New In Paperback $10.00
Finely-honed portraits of hope and change, these two novellas are linked so skillfully that they achieve the intensity of a single novel in which some characters succeed and others fail on separate but equally compelling quests. In “The Fires,” Gina Morgan makes a pilgrimage to Uzbekistan to carry out her husband’s final wish — to be cremated — only to find herself entirely at sea in the strange new reality of the former Soviet republic, while in “The Exorcism,” Tom Swanson begins to make sense of his life when he retrieves his angry daughter from her exclusive New England college after her expulsion for setting fire to a grand piano.


New In Paperback $14.95
As children, Tam and her older brother were swimming when she suffered her first epileptic seizure. He pulled her from the water and was crowned a hero. Tam was labeled “disabled” and never swam again. And so began 30 years of vigilance, never allowing her body to betray her, never allowing her brother or her family or anyone else to influence her path. Now, in middle age, a lifetime’s worth of control has taken its toll. Exhausted, she heads to Maine where, while working on a genealogy project, she falls under the spell of two dead women: an ancestor, Mary Catherine, who died at 33; the other, the town ghost. Through their cloistered, tragic lives Tam relives her own life over and over — until a distant cousin forces her to see herself in a new light. Tam’s quest to transcend self-imposed limitations is superbly crafted and richly satisfying.

Paris Cafe: The Select Crowd
New In Paperback $17.95
Acclaimed author Noël Riley Fitch, abetted by noted artist Rick Tulka, serves the dish on Select, the famous Montparnasse café that for nearly nine decades has been so vital to Paris and its intellectual denizens: from Hemingway, Beauvoir, Picasso, James Baldwin, and George Plimpton to the writers and artists who continue to work quietly there in the back room or heatedly debate every topic imaginable into the night. The artists have their work on the walls; the novelists include the café setting in their fiction. The quiet and drama of the Sélect world illustrates the centrality of cafés — particularly this one — to Parisian social, cultural, and intellectual life. Blending pithy profiles and witty drawings of clientele and staff, the book is organized around a history of the café, its daily and seasonal rhythms, particular colorful patrons, and even its typical café/brasserie food (including a few recipes).

Illusive 2: Contemporary Illustration and Its Context
by Robert Klanten (Editor), Hendrik Hellige (Editor)

New In Hardcover $65.00

In Illusive we identified the main trends in contemporary illustration and introduced many young illustrators. Since then, the demand for illustration has continued to grow - and with it the range of application and the forms of expression in this medium. This positive development is confirmed by the exciting work of international illustrators that we have seen since publishing Illusive; it was thus a logical step to present the best of these new works in Illusive 2.

Illusive 2 is a survey of current illustration from around the world; unlike other titles on this subject, all of the work was selected for inclusion based solely on its artistic merit. The book reveals a trend toward Neo-Realism that is demonstrated by the willingness of today’s magazines to use illustration in almost the same way as photography. In general, the illustrations featured in Illusive 2 have become more differentiated and complex - the spontaneous-looking scribbles of years past have given way to elaborate, multi-layered collages. The variety of styles and new design approaches is impressive.

Illusive 2 includes a broad range of illustrations including personal artistic work, fashion illustration and commercial projects, revealing a diversity that shows how this design discipline functions independently of fickle fashion trends. At the same time, the book outlines current developments and the many design approaches that coexist today. Because it is hard to keep an overview amid such a wealth of material, texts and interviews with leading design agencies provide context and give surprising insights into techniques, methods and motivations.

Take Your Time: Olafur Eliasson
New In Hardcover $50.00
Destined to become the authoritative text on Eliasson as well as a lasting resource on contemporary installation art.In the work of Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson, the sun can rise inside a museum and rainbows can appear indoors. His immersive installations explore the intersection of nature and artifice, transforming ordinary spaces into sites of wonder and spectacle. From kaleidoscopes to waterfalls to mirrored passageways, the projects invite the viewer’s active participation while posing provocative questions about the workings of human perception.

This catalogue is published in association with the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and accompanies a major touring exhibition. More than two hundred color reproductions offer a rich visual survey of Eliasson’s most significant works from 1990 to the present, while a series of original essays investigate the complex origins and implications of his practice, from the legacy of the Light and Space movement to the artist’s recent forays into architectural design. 200+ color illustrations.

Walton Ford: Pancha Tantra

New In Hardcover $1,250.00 - Limited to 1,500 individually numbered copies, each signed by Walton Ford

Walton Ford’s life-sized watercolors of animals could be mistaken for 19th-century natural-science illustrations or British colonial paintings. Except they’re not. Something strange and usually sinister is happening in each of Ford’s works, whether it’s a turkey crushing a small parrot with its claw, a collection of monkeys wreaking havoc on a formally set dinner table, or a buffalo surrounded by a pack of bloodied white wolves… in the middle of a proper French garden. Executed with the deft skill of a natural-history artist, Ford’s works vibrate with an intensity of uncanny familiarity; they are both reassuring in style and disturbing in content. With titles like Au Revoir Zaire, Dirty Dick Burton’s Aide de Camp, and Space Monkey, his paintings not only blur the lines between human and animal history, but also open the doors to a world of real-life fantasy, dreams, and nightmares.

For this hand-crafted, limited-edition volume, Ford’s paintings have been color-separated and reproduced in Pan4C, the finest reproduction technique available today, providing unequalled intensity and color range. The book includes 12 horizontal and 4 vertical foldouts, along with dozens of details, which present the work at a scale that practically allows the viewer to enter the ancient and peopled landscapes, feel the brush of a bird’s feathers against flesh, and experience the hot breath of a wild cat about to go for the jugular.

Collected together for the first ever in-depth exploration of Walton Ford’s œuvre, Ford’s bestiary takes  its name from one of the texts he frequently cites in his work: The Pancha Tantra, the ancient Indian book of animal folktales collected from the 3rd to 5th centuries B.C. that is considered to be the precursor to Aesop’s Fables. Stories derived from many of the texts that served as the germinal seed for these paintings fill the book’s appendix; and an original essay by New Yorker staff writer Bill Buford substantiates the notion that this contemporary artist is more than just one to watch, but one who will stand the test of time. Available in an Art and a Collector’s Edition, Walton Ford: Pancha Tantra is limited to a total of 1,600 copies, signed by the artist and presented in a custom clamshell box.

• Limited to 1,500 individually numbered copies, each signed by Walton Ford
• Printed on archival-quality paper
• Finished in book cloth with a leather spine and corners with gold embossing
• Packaged in a clamshell box covered in Luxor book cloth


Best Seller List … 3 December 2022

BookCourt Best Sellers                                                                                                               

December 3, 2007                                         20% off list price

Hardcover Fiction
  1. YIDDISH POLICEMEN’S UNION. Michael Chabon. HarperCollins. $26.95.               Our Price $21.56.
  2. THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS. Khaled Hosseini. Riverhead. $25.95.                  Our Price $20.76.
  3. TREE OF SMOKE. Denis Johnson. Farrar, Straus & Giroux. $27. Our Price $21.60.
  4. OUR DUMB WORLD. The Onion. Little, Brown. $27.99. Our Price $22.39.
  5. THEN WE CAME TO THE END. Joshua Ferris. Little, Brown. $23.99.                        Our Price $19.19.
  6. BRIDGE OF SIGHS. Richard Russo. Random House. $26.95. Our Price $21.56.
  7. AWAY. Amy Bloom. Random House. $23.95. Our Price $19.16.
  8. EXIT GHOST. Philip Roth. Houghton Mifflin. $26. Our Price $20.80.
  9. CHRISTMAS STORIES. Diana Tesdell (editor). Random House. $15. Our Price $12.
  10. BRIEF WONDROUS LIFE OF OSCAR WAO. Junot Diaz. Riverhead. $24.95.                   Our Price $19.96.

Hardcover Nonfiction

  1. MUSICOPHILIA. Oliver Sacks. Random House. $26. Our Price $20.80.
  2. BORN STANDING UP. Steve Martin. Simon & Schuster. $25. Our Price $20.
  3. SECRET INGREDIENTS. David Remnick. Random House. $29.95.Our Price $23.96.
  4. I AM AMERICA & SO CAN YOU. Stephen Colbert. Warner. $26.99.                      Our Price $21.59.
  5. ART OF SIMPLE FOOD. Alice Waters. Random House. $35. Our Price $28.
  6. AMERICAN CREATION. Joseph Ellis. Random House. $26.95. Our Price $21.56.
  7. THE REST IS NOISE. Alex Ross. Farrar, Straus & Giroux. $30. Our Price $24.
  8. DISCOVERY OF FRANCE. Graham Robb. Norton. $27.95. Our Price $22.36.
  9. HOW TO COOK EVERYTHING VEGETARIAN. Mark Bittman. Wiley. $35. Our Price $28.
  10. THE JOY OF COOKING. Irma Rombauer. Macmillan. $35. Our Price $28.
Paperback Fiction
  1. WHAT IS THE WHAT? Dave Eggers. Random House. $15.95. Our Price $12.76.
  2. THE GATHERING. Anne Enright. Grove Press. $14. Our Price $11.20.
  3. THE ROAD. Cormac McCarthy. Random House. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.
  4. HISTORY OF LOVE. Nicole Krauss. Norton. $13.95. Our Price $11.16.
  5. ATONEMENT. Ian McEwan. Doubleday. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.
  6. BLIND WILLOW, SLEEPING WOMAN. Haruki Murakami. Random House. $14.95.  Our Price $11.96.
  7. LOVE IN THE TIME OF CHOLERA. Gabriel Marquez. Random House. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.
  8. MAN GONE DOWN. Michael Thomas. Grove Press. $14. Our Price $11.20.
  9. MOTHERLESS BROOKLYN. Jonathan Lethem. Random House. $13.95.                        Our Price $11.16.
  10. NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. Cormac McCarthy. Random House. $14.                  Our Price $11.20.

    Paperback Nonfiction

  1. OFFICIAL PUNK ROCK BOOK OF LISTS. Amy Wallace. Backbeat Books. $16.95. Our Price $13.56.
  2. TARGETING IRAN. David Barsamian. City Lights. $11.95. Our Price $9.56.
  3. OMNIVORE’S DILEMMA. Michael Pollan. Penguin. $16. Our Price $12.80.
  4. ZAGAT BEST OF BROOKLYN. Zagat Survey.  $12.95. Our Price $10.36.
  5. EAT, PRAY, LOVE. Elizabeth Gilbert. Penguin. $15. Our Price $12.
  6. THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON MUSIC. Daniel Levitan. NAL. $15. Our Price $12.
  7. NFT GUIDE TO BROOKLYN 2008. Not For Tourists. $12.95. Our Price $10.36.
  8. ZAGAT NEW YORK CITY RESTAURANTS 2008. Zagat Survey. $15.95.                   Our Price $12.76.
  9. MY LIFE IN FRANCE. Julia Child. Random House. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.
  10. THROUGH THE CHILDREN’S GATE. Adam Gopnik. Random House. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.

    Children’s Hardcover & Paperback

  1. DARING BOOK FOR GIRLS. Andrea Buchanan. HarperCollins. $24.95.                          Our Price $19.96.
  2. DANGEROUS BOOK FOR BOYS. Hal Iggulden. HarperCollins. $24.95.                          Our Price $19.96.
  3. KNUFFLE BUNNY TOO. Mo Willems. Hyperion. $16.99. Our Price $13.59.
  4. SNOWY DAY Board Book. Ezra Jack Keats. Penguin. $6.99. Our Price $5.59.
  5. PEOPLE. Peter Spier. Doubleday. $12.95. Our Price $10.36.
  6. ABSOLUTELY TRUE DIARY OF A PART-TIME INDIAN. Alexie Sherman. Little, Brown. $16.99. Our Price $13.59.
  7. PINKALICIOUS. Elizabeth Kann. HarperCollins. $16.99. Our Price $13.59.
  8. GOLDEN COMPASS (deluxe edition). Philip Pullman. Random House. $11.95.  Our Price $9.56.
  9. TOY BOAT. Randall deSeve. Putnam. $16.99. Our Price $13.59.
  10. VERY BUSY SPIDER Board Book. Eric Carle. Putnam. $11.95. Our Price $9.56.

ARTHUR … December 2007

Round Trip


$6.99 Paperback

This book isn’t just the story of a round trip-it is a round trip. Read forward and look at the sights, then flip the book over to see something different on the way back. Ann Jonas’ amazing two-way trip is guaranteed to change the way you look at things. Black-and-white illustrstions.

The Corrections


$15.00 Paperback

After almost fifty years as a wife and mother, Enid Lambert is ready to have some fun. Unfortunately, her husband, Alfred, is losing his sanity to Parkinson’s disease, and their children have long since flown the family nest to the catastrophes of their own lives. The oldest, Gary, a once-stable portfolio manager and family man, is trying to convince his wife and himself, despite clear signs to the contrary, that he is not clinically depressed. The middle child, Chip, has lost his seemingly secure academic job and is failing spectacularly at his new line of work. And Denise, the youngest, has escaped a disastrous marriage only to pour her youth and beauty down the drain of an affair with a married man-or so her mother fears. Desperate for some pleasure to look forward to, Enid has set her heart on an elusive goal: bringing her family together for one last Christmas at home.