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these just in … 8 December 2022

The Qur’an with Annotated Interpretation in Modern English

New In Paperback $24.95

A timely addition to literature on the holy book of Islam, this translation provides extensive explanations and interpretations on most verses. The use of modern English throughout the translation, combined with the focus on social and historical aspects of Islam in the commentaries, make this edition particularly accessible. Thirteen maps and several special glossaries are also included.

BlackBook Guide to New York 2008

New In Paperback  $10.95

Hundreds of succinct listings for a city’s hippest restaurants, bars, clubs, and hotels fill this sleek guide for nightlife connoisseurs. Written by and for discerning city savants, this offshoot of BlackBook magazine’s Little BlackBook offers smart, fresh, and pithy listings for the most intriguing and fashion-forward hot spots. Each easily totable guide contains the latest information and numerous two-tone city maps ensure that glamour never has to pause for bad directions.

A Killer Life: How an Independent Film Producer Survives Deals and Disasters in Hollywood and Beyond by CHRISTINE VACHON

New In Paperback $16.95

nterested in the travails of big-time creative movie producers? Check out Vachon’s entertainingly brooding story, that of a producer of such edgy yet profitable films as Boys Don’t Cry and Far from Heaven. More than the grandiose Robert Evans (Urban Cowboy, Chinatown-but also The Cotton Club), who m