BookCourt Best Sellers * September 18, 2023 * 20% off list price

Hardcover Fiction

1.EMPEROR’S CHILDREN. Claire Messud. Random House. $25. Our Price $20.

2.REIFFEN’S CHOICE. Sam Butler. St, Martin’s Press. $25.95. Our Price $20.76.

3.SPECIAL TOPICS IN CALAMITY PHYSICS. Marisha Pessl. Viking. $25.95. Our Price $20.76.

4.BLIND WILLOW SLEEPING WOMAN. Haruki Murakami. Random House. $24.95. Our Price $19.76.

5.SPOT OF BOTHER. Mark Haddon. Doubleday. $2.495. Our Price $19.76.ST.

6.LUCY’S HOME FOR GIRLS RAISED BY WOLVES. Karen Russell. Random House. $22. Our Price $17.60.

7.THE KEEP. Jennifer Egan. Random House. $23.95. Our Price $19.16.

8.SUITE FRANCAISE. Irene Nemirovsky. Random House. $25. Our Price $20.

9.McSWEENEY’S #20. Dave Eggers. McSweeney’s. $22. Our Price $17.60.

10.ALL AUNT HAGAR’S CHILDREN. Edward P. Jones. HarperCollins. $25.95. Our Price $20.76.


Hardcover Nonfiction

1.LA BELLA FIGURA. Beppe Severgnini. Broadway Books. $23.95. Our Price $19.16.

2.READING LIKE A WRITER. Francine Prose. Harper. $23.95. Our Price $19.16.

3.PERFECT $100,000 HOUSE. Karrie Jacobs. Penguin. $25.95. Our Price $20.76.  

4.LOOMING TOWER. Lawrence Wright. Random House. $27.95. Our Price $22.36.

5.DISCOMFORT ZONE. Jonathan Franzen. Farrar, Straus & Giroux. $22. Our Price $17.60.

6.SILVER SPOON. Phaidon Press. $39.95. Our Price $31.96.

7.HEAT.Bill Buford. Random House. $25.95. Our Price $20.76.

8.I FEEL BAD ABOUT MY NECK. Nora Ephron. Random House. $19.95. Our Price $15.96.

9.CROSS COUNTRY. Robert Sullivan. Bloomsbury. $24.95. Our Price $19.96.

10.CREATION. Edward Wilson. Norton. $21.95. Our Price $17.56.

Paperback Fiction

1.ON BEAUTY. Zadie Smith. Penguin. $15. Our Price $12.

2.HISTORY OF LOVE. Nicole Krauss. Norton. $13.95. Our Price $11.16.

3.THE SEA. John Banville. Random House. $12.95. Our Price $10.36.

4.VERONICA. Mary Gaitskill. Random House. $13.95. Our Price $11.16.

5.MEMORY KEEPER’S DAUGHTER. Kim Edward. Penguin. $14. Our Price $11.20.

6.BLACK DAHLIA. James Ellroy. Warner. $13.99. Our Price $11.19.

7.BEASTS OF NO NATION. Uzodinma Iweala. HarperCollins. $11.95. Our Price $9.56.

8.NEVER LET ME GO. Kazuo Ishiguro. Random House. $14. Our Price $11.20.

9.FREDDY & FREDERICKA. Mark Helprin. Penguin. $15. Our Price $12.  

10.KAFKA ON THE SHORE. Haruki Murakami. Random House. $14.95. Our Price $11.96.

Paperback Nonfiction

1.SUBWAY CHRONICLES. Jacquelin Cangro. Penguin. $14. Our Price $11.20.

2.APARTMENT THERAPY. Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan. Bantam. $14. Our Price $11.20.

3.NFT BROOKLYN. Happy Mazza Media. $9.95. Our Price $7.96.

4.PLACES IN BETWEEN. Rory Stewart. Harcourt. $14. Our Price $11.20.

5.RUNNING WITH SCISSORS. Augusten Burroughs. St. Martin’s Press. $14. Our Price $11.20.

6. 9 –11 REPORT. Sid Jacobson & Ernie Colon. Farrar, Straus & Giroux. $16.95. Our Price $13.56.

7.LADIES & GENTLEMEN THE BRONX IS BURNING. Jonathan Mahler. St. Martin’s Press. $15. Our Price $12.

8.BROOKLYN BY NAME. Leonard Benardo & Jennifer Weiss. NYU Press. $17.95. Our Price $14.36.

9.POSTWAR. Tony Judt. Penguin. $20. Our Price $16.

10.GARLIC & SAPPHIRES. Ruth Reichl. Penguin. $15. Our Price $12.

Children’s Hardcover & Paperback


1.HOW TO BE POPULAR. Meg Cabot. HarperCollins. $16.99. Our Price $13.59.

2.CANDY DARLINGS. Christine Walde. Houghton Mifflin. $8.99. Our Price $7.19.


3.I LIVE IN BROOKLYN. Mari Takabayashi. Houghton Mifflin. $16. Our Price $12.80.

4.THIS IS NEW YORK. M. Sasek. Universe. $17.95. Our Price $14.36.

5.I AM NOT SLEEPY & I WILL NOT GO TO BED. Lauren Child. Candlewick. $6.99. Our Price $5.59.

6.I AM TOO ABSOLUTELY SMALL FOR SCHOOL. Lauren Child. Candlewick. $6.99. Our Price $5.59.

7.I WILL NEVER NOT EVER EAT A TOMATO. . Lauren Child. Candlewick. $6.99. Our Price $5.59.

8.CURIOUS GEORGE’S 1ST DAY OF SCHOOL. H. Rey. Houghton Mifflin. $3.95. Our Price $3.16.

9.DIAL L FOR LOSER (Clique #6). Lisi Harrison. Little, Brown. $9.95. Our Price $7.99.

10.SNAIL & THE WHALE. Julia Donaldson. $6.99. Our Price $5.59.

Listings are based on sales figures compiled by BookCourt for the two-week period ending 9/17/06. Sales generated by school and other special sales are not included.









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