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these just in … 30 November 2022

Queens Noir Edited by ROBERT KNIGHTLY

New In Paperback $15.95 Akashic Books ISBN-10: 1933354402

Brand-new stories by: Denis Hamill, Malachy McCourt, Maggie Estep, Megan Abbott, Robert Knightly, Liz Martinez, Jill Eisenstadt, Mary Byrne, Tori Carrington, Shailly P. Agnihotri, K.j.a. Wishnia, Victoria Eng, Alan Gordon, Beverly Farley, Joe Guglielmelli, and Glenville Lovell.


New In Paperback $11.95 Hodder Headline ISBN-10: 0340875585

This hilarious split-page novelty book allows the reader to mix and match different combinations of fairy tales creating thousands of outlandish stories. Do you know the story of the ugly duckling who was bossed around by two horrid stepsisters and climbed a beanstalk at the top of which was a bowl of porridge? Or Snow White, who was laughed at by ducks and fell asleep in Baby Bear’s bed after eating Little Red Riding Hood’s granny? Illustrated by award-winner Nick Sharratt, this ingenious split-page book lets children create their own fractured fairy tales—and they may even find some surprisingly sensible ones along the way. Colorful, quirky, fun—a guaranteed giggle maker for kids and parents alike!

The Mog Collection by JUDITH KERR

New In Paperback (6) Slipcase Bound. $35.00 HarperCollins ISBN-10: 0007259441

Mog’s antics have entertained countless children ever since her first appearance in 1970, making this loveable, accident-prone cat one of the mo